Water is grossing me out...

I used to drink about 6 bottles a day. Now I can barely sip it and drinking it makes me nauseas. Any suggestions? I need to keep hydrated obviously but I don't want something with a lot of calories or sugar.


  • Mutant_Toad
    Mutant_Toad Posts: 17 Member
    The light blue gatorade is about all I can handle right now. Plain water makes me feel ill.
  • NikkiSixGuns
    NikkiSixGuns Posts: 630 Member
    I can relate. Plus it gives me heartburn worse than anything else. Lemonade, watered down fruit juice, mint or cinnamon tea, milk, and 7-Up were about all I could handle when I was in the early months.
  • aleikita
    aleikita Posts: 215 Member
    During my first trimester the thought of water, fruit or vegetables would make me sick. I got through it with tea and bread.
  • poke987
    poke987 Posts: 348 Member
    My 2nd pregnancy I was like this. Typically all I drink are water and coffee, so it was so odd to have such an aversion. I bought fruit juice and added it to mask the water. At first it was about 50/50 and by the end I was just at a splash.
  • thedestar
    thedestar Posts: 1,278 Member
    I am the same way! I haven't figured out how to handle it yet. I used to drink tons of water, like 20 cups a day and now I'm lucky to get 5. This is my third pregnancy and I've never had this problem :s
  • vanessangonzalez
    vanessangonzalez Posts: 38 Member
    It's been weird since I've only had water for awhile now. I can drink the G2 grape so. I actually had 2 bottles of water today, too. Someone suggested those water add-ins. So I might try that too!
  • ganzelly
    ganzelly Posts: 302 Member
    Adding lemon slices to water helped me be able to drink it. I always drink a ton of water but that was the only way I could drink it during the first trimester.
  • JustAnotherGirlSuzanne
    JustAnotherGirlSuzanne Posts: 932 Member
    Lemon slices and flavored water enhancers helped me to drink more water.