Trans*/GQ/GNC MFP users unite!

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Hey all you fabulous people!! I'm an AFAB gender-nonconforming person working on improving my relationship with my own body and giving it some TLC.

I think my needs are generally the same as other MFP users, except that I use it to also make sure I'm eating enough as I lose weight. I generally think it's good to check in with my eating and exercise habits every day; it keeps me objective about my body when my perception gets distorted, so it's a really nice thing to do for myself. My next goal is to start using it to track weight training progress; I want to feel super strong! Rowrrr... :p

What are your experiences? Do you think you use MFP differently than other users? Any positive experiences to share? Advice?


  • Zyphun
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    Well as MTF transperson I do a few things different then a ciswoman. For one most of the nutritional advice I follow goes along with the body I was born with. I take in more calories and my nutrient requirements are slightly different. I also shy away from heavy strength training right now as the testosterone in my system loves to make my muscles as big and meaty as it can. Part of that is genetics of course. It is really to bad I am not really male, I would be quite a good looking guy given enough time and effort.

    I started HRT so now my needs as changing and it was a little confusing before I studied it. Soon my caloric and nutritional needs will be different then a cisman or ciswoman. MFP isn't quite set up to handle that easily. But that is okay because MFP boils down to being a social network and a good logging service. It does both those things reasonably well and if doesn't adapt or features are hidden behind a paywall then I adapt and make do.

    I would count logging as the single most important thing a person can do to lose weight. The more accurate and diligent the logging the higher the chance of success in losing weight and keeping it off. The reason for this is simple. Logging what we eat teaches us two very important things. First is that what we perceive and what is actual can be vastly different. We can start to overcome misconceptions about what is and is not good for us and what is and is not keeping us from obtaining weight loss. Second is giving us a history of our eating habits. I learned a very important lesson from my last attempt. My logs gave me incredible insight into just how I started to stumble. It has allowed me to adjust my lifestyle so that my chances for continued success are that much greater.

    The biggest piece of advice I can give is food matters, portions matter more. Get a food scale. Measure out everything that goes in your mouth. It is tedious and time consuming but is extremely educational. Use this to learn just what a serving of your common foods looks like so that when you don't have access to a scale you can better identify just how much you are actually consuming. Just don't get stuck on limits. You will go over in a day or under. Sometimes a little, hopefully not a lot. It is a long journey and so things tend to even out in the end. Just try and keep on track and not get blinded to the beauty of what you are actually accomplishing.

    I am happy to see you here and I hope I gave you some insight into myself and something to think about. Good luck with your journey, you are off to a great start!
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    I've only been here like a week, but I'm pretty sure I use MFP the same way most cis women do? I'm a dmab transgirl and I've been on hormones for a year and some change. My T levels were low to begin with, so I figure at this point I can probably just use the same health guidelines as cis women, minus all the stuff about iron levels. All I've been doing to try and lose weight is just counting my calories and exercising more. Which I guess I could do without MFP, but it's nice to keep track of everything, and I'm crap at math so if I was doing this manually I'd lose count all the time.

    I have heard that the daily estrogen intake is supposed to make losing weight waaaay harder for transwomen compared to cis women, but I guess we'll see! Here's hoping that's not 100% correct.