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Okay, I've introduced myself. Does anyone else want to say hi?


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    Hello, I'm Jayne and I'm transgender. MtF and trying to lose 40 pounds (I'm down 18 so far!) and get my body into a more feminine shape. Married 20 years to my lovely wife. Thankfully marriage equality means we get to stay married. :) I love cosplay, making things, and trying to be crafty in that regard. I'm getting ready to start my masters degree to get my MLS.
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    Hi.... I am Dan; I am genderqueer (trying to figure out my exact gender, still; was afab) and use he/him/his pronouns. I am not new to MFP, but this is a new acct for me. I am trying to lose 100 lbs at least. Hmm, what else? I love the tv show Hannibal (best show ever); I love to read; and I enjoy camping.
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    Hi all I am Katrina. Bisexual and forever searching for answers.
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    Hi, I’m Alec and I’m a transgender guy. I’m also pansexual meaning I can be attracted to any gender and I’m also Demi, meaning I need to have an emotional connection with someone to become attracted to them. Feel free to add me as a friend!
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    Hello everyone. I am a bisexual, 56 year old cisgender woman, happily married to my beautiful wife of soon-to-be 13 years. I retired from the practice of law 2 years ago (burned out public defender = earlyretirement) and am spending my time getting fit, and getting all of the tattoos I ever wanted. Just TRY to get me back into a courtroom, I dare you! LOL

    I have lost 111 lbs on WW and plan to lose about 65 more. I hit 357 lbs during the lockdown and started changing diet with WW on Dec. 1, 2020. Today I am 245 lb and my goal is 180-ish. I only started exercising about 6 weeks ago and am in better shape than I have ever been in my life. I am just amazed at how much stronger I am in such a short period of time, so I joined Planet Fitness last week to begin resistence training.

    My best friend in TX and a coworker started WW with me and they have been great support for me. My bestie has lost 97 lbs and was able to stop injecting insulin and controls her diabetes though diet and minimal oral medication. My co-worker has lost 102 lbs. I also joined an online FB WW group (not operated by WW but just regular folk) that has been a great source of support.

    So why am I on MFP? That FB group to which I have belonged since the beginning really let me down. A crazy person attacked me online, believing me to be a trans woman upon seeing some recent before/after pics. (I suspect it was my rainbow glasses that set her off.) I called her a bigot, reported hate speech and expected her to be expelled. Instead, every single thing I said about the post was removed, as well as my response to the hate. The attacker was not disciplined and the admins did not say a word to me. I learned a very valuable lesson about what my trans siblings experience daily, and I was shook. (She called me Satanic, which normally would have made me giggle, but I kept thinking, "What if I were 14?") So I left the group. I will not belong to any group that will remain silent in the face of such hate. So I am here, a bit bruised and disillusioned, seeking comfort amongst my people.