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Coping Skills With Trigger foods



  • jove102
    jove102 Posts: 68 Member
    Just cook stuff you want to eat and he will either eat it or not...that's what I me men are pretty resourceful they will find their own food lol
  • BringingSherriBack
    BringingSherriBack Posts: 607 Member
    I have this trigger foods problem with these turkey bites that I have been eating since surgery. I have to stop buying them though because I used to be able to stop at 6 and now I eat 36 (the whole bag) in one sitting. I think trigger foods are a moving target. Cut off one and another will rise up I'm afraid. Good luck to you.

    Me too on the turkey bites. I got to where I was eating the entire bag in one sitting or in the course of an afternoon anyway. Those things started as a great source of protein for a snack and ended up being the devil. lol

    I also have issues with turkey pepperoni as I can eat the entire package as well and any kind of cheese. I love cheese and can eat my weight in it. Sadly the best way for me to deal with it is to not have it around at all. I've tried buying string cheese and mini baby bells so it was portioned out and makes a great snack option. Too bad I would eat 3 or 4 at a time instead of 1.

    I have even gotten that way with pork rinds. They are a great crunchy protein snack but if I really want them I buy a snack size bag out of the machine at work because if I buy a bigger bag, then I eat the entire bag in one day.

    My biggest problem though is kids and their junk food. We have two kids (10 and 11) and both are healthy and active and we keep treats around for them (chips, snack foods, occasionally candy) and I find myself in their snacks because I love salty, crunchy stuff (chips, crackers, etc). My best bet is to buy flavors I don't care much for. lol
  • janet0513
    janet0513 Posts: 564 Member
    I cook for a family as well and they all eat what I eat. The only difference is that I may occasionally make pasta, rice or have bread for them which I may have a small amount or not.

    I don't keep much for "junk food" in the house. The adults and kids do not need them. I may have some treats such as pea crisps or quinoa chips, dark chocolate oven roasted almonds or the coconut ones, tons of fruit, homemade jerky or homemade fruit roll ups, granola and protein bars. If they want anything more than this kind of thing, they can buy it themselves.
  • authorwriter
    authorwriter Posts: 323 Member
    I just ordered simply 7 quinoa chips on Amazon's subscribe and save. Also the pure protein bars. And...almond meal. I've been craving 'candy' kind of stuff. Maybe this thread triggered me! I'm teasing. It didn't. I constantly think I'd love a bar of chocolate. Anyway, cookies or candy bars need the almond meal, so I'll see if that makes me happy when I get those feelings. It is really frustrating because I'm not even hungry when those cravings hit. They are separate from hunger.

    I avoid the carbs as much as I can, except for fruit sometimes because it sets my hunger raging. It's like amonster.
  • SibylDiane
    SibylDiane Posts: 177 Member
    I don't make protein bars a regular part of my diet -- they are for travel only, and that's pretty rare for me. I also find that the Quest bars are triggers for me. Generally, if they are in the house, I will eat them. Not good.
    My mother has the opposite problem that I do when it comes to weight. She struggles to be normal weight when her body seems to want to be under weight. Her doctor told her that a good, healthy way to gain or maintain weight is to add a protein bar or two to her diet. And it works for her. So I am not a big fan of the "weight loss" benefits of protein bars to start with.
    My best strategy for trigger foods is to just keep them out of the house. I try to avoid the aisles in the grocery stores where they are sold. I don't go into gas station convenience stores so I am not tempted by the aisles of candy there. But I do have a couple of kitchen safes that I use for things like nuts and dried fruit that are calorie-dense and I have a hard time stopping with:
    When I am struggling with almonds or dried apricots or whatever, I keep them in the kitchen safe and only have it set to open at a time of day when I know I can control myself -- usually early morning. Then I measure out my portion for the day and put the rest back and lock the safe again.
    Relentless2121, I would encourage you to consider dropping bars altogether and switching to either shakes or snacking on high-protein items like tuna packets, cans of sardines, chopped chicken breast, or hardboiled eggs.
  • relentless2121
    relentless2121 Posts: 431 Member
    Thanks SibylDiane for the tip on possibly dropping protein bars from my diet. I hope it doesn't come to that but it just might. Thanks to all who are sharing on this thread. :)
  • hockey7fan
    hockey7fan Posts: 281 Member
    I always remind myself of the old Weight Watchers saying - you can't eat what you don't buy. So if it's a trigger food for me, I just refuse to buy it. I have noticed since surgery that my tastes have changed. There are a few things I used to love that just taste terrible now. So that's a good thing!
  • relentless2121
    relentless2121 Posts: 431 Member
    I hear you on that one hockey7fan. :)