Daily Report -2015- 6-11

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Good morning all!

I have ripe raspberries! Picked some for breakfast. So very good. It's another warm day here. Next week is suppose to get to 99. oh my!

Spent the morning cleaning my daughter's house for here. She has been in Mexico. Just wanted her to come home to a nice clean house. Plan to do some strength training tonight.

You have to get up every morning and tell yourself "I can do this!".



  • FitStrongHealthy
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    YAY! Raspberries for breakfast, yum! My husband and I are going to go wild blackberry hunting this weekend lol.

    Lets see, today I went ahead and mapped out our route to Florida for our vacation next month (had to make sure we avoided the tunnel in Mobile). I've been looking for waterproof phone cases (those bag things) and some water shoes so I can take plenty of pictures at the beach, and I found a bikini that's really cute that I'm thinking about getting as well.

    This afternoon I will go for a run, inside most likely with the A/C blasting lol. I might add in a bit of strength training too since I had to cut my session short yesterday to deliver a kitten to someone who responded to my ad on Facebook. I got to shoot my bow though, so that kind of made up for it.

    Hey @HealthyBella403, it's nice to see you again :flowerforyou: :drinker:.


    Have a good day everyone.

    ~ Kris
  • HealthyBella403
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    @scrapbookingtm ooh raspberries! So jealous that you grow your own. We usually buy them in bulk, but they never last long at our house! I have to grab them before they all get eaten:)

    @FitStrongHealthy thanks for the welcome! I'm glad to be back and amidst all you awesome people. Archery sounds so fun, you must have a lot of upper body strength!

    As for me, I got up feeling gloriously sore and got in some early-morning Pilates. I tried making a post-workout protein shake, with some whey protein I'd bought on a whim. Honestly, though, it tasted so strange that I poured it down the drain and reverted back to fruit and veggies. I guess I'll never be one of those die-hard protein shake people, but I'm happy with my produce!