Daily Report -2015- 6-13

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Good morning all!

It is a beautiful morning. I got up early, go in some aerobics, then spent time in the gardens. Fresh strawberries and raspberries in my oatmeal this morning. mmm.....it was so good. This is the time of year I love eating oatmeal (because of the fresh berries) and when the raspberries are done....it's just in time for blackberries to come on. I'm in heaven just thinking about it. lol Sad note, my Asian pear tree is dying. I will miss it.

Oh, and ripe tomatoes this morning! I am really loving the green house! Had to stop all the pleasantness to go to work. My 2 daughters who live in TN and AL will be here this coming week. We have a baby blessing on Father's day. It will be a wonderful day. My daughter's father in law passed a few months ago, so this will be a good distraction for her mother in law. It must be so hard. I can't imagine being a widow so young. (not that I am real young but you know...they aren't real old).

Sorry for rambling. I am just so excited about everything today!

Have a fabulous day everyone.

Do not expect this to be easy - you have to work for the best things in life.



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    Alisa, so sorry about you daughter's father-in-law. Congratulations on the baby! That will be such a joyous event. And your berry breakfast sounds delicious! I've never been much good at gardening, but I do love fresh produce!

    As for me, it's been a rather lackluster day. I had quite a long early business meeting that stretched well past lunchtime, and I ended up eating two bowls of ice cream along with my lunch....not exactly my finest hour. But I know this journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and I'll get there in the end.

    One silver lining is that I realized that I ate the ice cream out of habit, not craving, so I think my taste buds are changing for the better! As Alisa wisely put it, "you have to work for the best things in life" and what better thing to work for than health? So I'm still working at it:)