LGBT friends wanted :)

cincisk8r Posts: 206 Member
Hey loves :smile: It has been a while since I posted, but would love it if more fellow LGBT friends would add me <3 XOXOXOXO


  • ladyivymon
    ladyivymon Posts: 8 Member
    I'm looking for friends too. I text and fb alot
  • pokeas
    pokeas Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to add me, gay as you can be :)
  • mandieinheels
    mandieinheels Posts: 192 Member
    trans girl, would love to make more lgbt friends as well. add me
  • Liverpool_Chris
    Liverpool_Chris Posts: 16 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • sugaandgrits
    sugaandgrits Posts: 222 Member
    I'm open to invitations!
  • ladyivymon
    ladyivymon Posts: 8 Member
    feel free to add me
  • 4homer
    4homer Posts: 457 Member
    Hi I'm andy 28 gay. Anyone add me
  • CarterSimms
    CarterSimms Posts: 11 Member
    I'm ace and genderfluid. Feel free to add me:)
  • illuvatree
    illuvatree Posts: 185 Member
    Feel free to add me, anyone! :)
  • jamesgent76
    jamesgent76 Posts: 13 Member
    Bisexual cis male here, living in Wales and training for my first half marathon and lose my flab before my fortieth birthday next January! Always happy to meet other LGBT folk (especially the B and T) and follow one another's progress on MFP - we're all in this together whatever our goals x
  • hgtedo
    hgtedo Posts: 18 Member
    @jamesgent76 Nice to meet you and welcome for the group! Your goals sound wonderful! Do you know which half-marathon you want to run or is that still something you get to choose? Support is a wonderful thing and I agree, the support is so very helpful. Feel free to add me if you like.
  • jamesgent76
    jamesgent76 Posts: 13 Member
    Thanks @hgtedo for the welcome. I'm preparing for the half marathon in Cardiff, Wales, in October. I've not done anything like this before but am really pleased to have got this far. Dieting is frsutrating but I am trying to keep in mind why I am doing it!
  • Keelion
    Keelion Posts: 17 Member
    Add me :D
  • Mgtei
    Mgtei Posts: 56 Member
    Lesbian in NYC, open to new MFP pals!
  • LaDawnnie
    LaDawnnie Posts: 72 Member
    Lesbian peach from Georgia! Add me! Lesbians and gay men I love em all!
  • aleph_0
    aleph_0 Posts: 30 Member
    Bi agender person living in Ireland here. Feel free to add me :)
  • misterfish77
    misterfish77 Posts: 6 Member
    Looking for friends and motivation! I am in a struggle between wanting to lose some weight but loving food way too much....