Donating Blood or Marrow?

blairmundy Posts: 219 Member
Anyone heard anything about whether this is ok and how soon after surgery? Mixed bag online. Left a message at the surgeons office. Did anyone tell you not to or that you needed to wait?


  • lorilbuckner1
    lorilbuckner1 Posts: 186 Member
    I was told I could donate blood 2 months after my surgery. I haven't asked about Bone Marrow but Im glad you mentioned it as I am on the donor list!
  • elifusa
    elifusa Posts: 45 Member
    I've been donating blood consistently since 2 months out from my surgery. No side effects.
  • joysie1970
    joysie1970 Posts: 415 Member
    Good to know I always donate at work and didn't even think about it, but the next donation drive is coming soon! Thanks for the thread <3
  • bikrchk
    bikrchk Posts: 516 Member
    I'm guessing its probably fine if you wait a few months. I donated for the first time before surgery when I weighed 235 pounds and did fine during, but got really sick, (dizzy, sweating, passing out, nauseous) several hours after donating. I'd eaten and was well hydrated. Afraid to try it now that I'm much smaller and have the occasional bout with low BP. :-(
  • Latse
    Latse Posts: 61 Member
    so long as your vitamin levels are all ok there shouldn't be any problems donating either. My Blood Center made me wait 6 months after surgery before I could donate again.