loriloftness Posts: 476 Member
I know this is weird, but since losing weight I think I feel my tailbone all the time and it is strange or uncomfortable to sit on it sometimes. Please tell me someone else has experienced this?


  • 5BeautifulDays
    5BeautifulDays Posts: 683 Member
    Oh gosh, yes. I have all sorts of butt bones I had no idea were there!

    I also seem to have acquired a little fat deposit or cyst at the base of my spine which hurts to sit on. I want to get it removed, but I'm afraid it's going to mess too much with my running.
  • JeanneMarie11111
    JeanneMarie11111 Posts: 57 Member
    the other day I was laying on the floor in the kitchen trying to get a toy out from under the stove, for our Kitty. I thought I was going to die down there; omg it hurt so bad. I guess I used to have much more padding on my hip. Needless to say the cat enjoyed it immensely, I was her personal jungle gym for a little bit. I think we are all losing weight in unexpected places. Hips, knees and tailbones.
  • Thaeda
    Thaeda Posts: 834 Member
    Yeah. No butt left. It hurts to sit sometimes. Just try to find a cushioned chair when you can. :)
  • badhair56
    badhair56 Posts: 239 Member
    yep, no butt left and sitting for long periods gets painful with no cushioning remaining
  • janet0513
    janet0513 Posts: 564 Member
    Its hard to get comfortable. I had an accident when I was younger which broke my tailbone and it healed incorrectly so it has always been an issue but now it is sooooo uncomfortable. I tend to shift on the sides of my butt when I sit.
  • maureenkirah
    maureenkirah Posts: 11 Member
    I knotice it when I sit in the bath.
  • bikrchk
    bikrchk Posts: 516 Member
    Had to purchase cushions for my wooden kitchen chairs!
  • chip305
    chip305 Posts: 63 Member
    OMG YES! I am always complaining about it now, especially laying flat in bed at night, who would have thought there were bones under all that flab! lol
  • kglowins
    kglowins Posts: 111 Member
    I went and had x-rays done because I have constant pain there. My doctor said that everything looks normal...I just don't have any cushion there now...
  • CatKaren
    CatKaren Posts: 19 Member
    Your going to find all sorts of bones. I have hip bones, ribs, shoulder blades, arm bones, ginger bones, a
  • nowucme
    nowucme Posts: 88 Member
    I noticed it today doing the recumbent bike at the gym. Couldn't get comfortable.
  • lorilbuckner1
    lorilbuckner1 Posts: 172 Member
    Your definitely not alone!! I really notice it in the bath tub!
  • JreedyJanelle
    JreedyJanelle Posts: 645 Member
    Oh my yes, I feel bones in all areas and tailbone is no different. It has gotten better as I am getting used to it, but when doing crunches and leaning back on my lower back tail area it hurts. No more padding there!! I have been doing squats with weights and step ups to build muscle in the glute area so I have that, but so far still skinny butt..... I never thought that would ever apply to me, but it has.
  • lenac87
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    OMG yes! I had to sit through a 2 hour long orientation class the other day on a hard plastic chair and thought I was going to go crazy! Long car rides are not as enjoyable anymore either, have to constantly shift around to try to get comfortable, I feel your pain lol
  • boomerkae
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    So glad I checked the boards today.
    YES!! I find it so uncomfortable! I really have a hard time doing any floor exercises. I tried a video one day, and sit ups, crunches, and some stretches - I couldn't do it since the bone pain was so bad!