November 2015 Mamas?

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Good morning, everyone!

Do we have any other November 2015 mommies on this board? I'm always looking for friends that have similar interests/stats/etc. and I thought this would be a great place to start. I'm trying to find some due date (month) buddies to share these last 20 or so weeks with.
Due Date: November 18th


  • JustAnotherGirlSuzanne
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    Hi Tiffany! I'm not quite November, but close! October 23. I'm hoping for November though because I have this weird aversion to the idea of having a baby in October... I know,that's odd. Quite likely its because i thought my due date was November originally. My last baby was 11 days late though, so my chances are good for at least making the 1st.

    Add me I you'd like :)
  • tiffanylacourse
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    Request sent! :smiley:

    Our due dates are pretty close! I'm due November 18, but I will be a repeat c-section and have a history of BIG babies, so I know it will be sooner. I'm going to request November 11th, but last time my dr. only did c-sections on Fridays. (I hope that is not the case!)

    Best of luck on making it to November! Right now ALL of our family birthdays are September - December, so this little one will fit right in. :smile:
  • JustAnotherGirlSuzanne
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    Lol thanks! My daughter was born 11 days late so my chances for making it to November are really good I think. She was a fairly big baby too. 9lbs5oz.

    I hope you're able to get the date you want! That's neat with everyone being born in the same time of year. :)

  • sarieth05
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    I'm also due in November with my first baby (they still have me pegged around November 3rd - which is ONE day after my dad's birthday, and ONE day before my husband's birthday). We shall see what happens! :)
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    I'm due in November as well, on the 23rd. This will be my second baby. What are everyone's goals weight and exercise wise with their pregnancies?