veg appetizers for non-vegan friends

chitownbella1 Posts: 272 Member
What are some good vegan appetizers to bring to a get together with non vegan friends (that people besides myself will also eat) ???


  • SurfyFriend
    SurfyFriend Posts: 362 Member
    Not entirely sure what an appetizer is? Like hummus and veggie sticks? Or little tofu/beetroot rice cakes mmmm
  • musclecarhags
    musclecarhags Posts: 4 Member
    Roasted garlic cream cheese tarts with caramelized onions, vegan pigs in a blanket, vegan mini corn dogs, tortilla chips, salsa and guacomole, and bruschetta are some of my favorite finger foods to make for parties.
  • lemonmon1
    lemonmon1 Posts: 134 Member
    Almost anything, just don't announce that it's vegan to non-vegans. Some people think vegan food is gross because they have no idea what it really means. My favoritesnot already mentioned: Vegetable Spring Rolls, Black Bean Dip, Regular Sun Chips, fruit!
  • sarahhorrigan
    sarahhorrigan Posts: 65 Member
    Almost anything, just don't announce that it's vegan to non-vegans.

    I totally agree with that! I often cook Indian food for non-vegan friends. They scoff away happily... and the onion bhajis, samosas, pakoras along with all the curries are 100% vegan and they never ever even notice. Just ask for recipes later!
  • tomatini
    tomatini Posts: 61 Member
    Stuffed mushrooms are popular! Cut fruit on skewers is also colorful and fun. :)
  • Rena42
    Rena42 Posts: 66 Member
    Guacamole, salsa and corn chips are always fun.

    I also love making mock chopped liver, but that's a bit high in calories.
  • ThriftyChica12
    ThriftyChica12 Posts: 373 Member
    cold pasta salad: whole wheat pasta, olive oil, chopped raw veggie, spices, dot of balsamic vinegar, always a crowd-pleaser :)