Daily Report 2015-7-19

scrapbookingtm Posts: 1,912 Member
They is over. I am really getting worried about you Bella. My prayers are with you.

Had a nice day with family. Chicken dinner with beets and salad from the garden. And lots of strawberries. Still was able to get 62 minutes of walking (with my daughter), 15 min strength and 15 min Yoga. My back is kind of feeling all the craziness from last week. Hope it's better in the morning.

All my eating out and parties are coming to an end. The last of my family is leaving in the morning. We have had such a wonderful summer. Lots of swimming, hiking, biking, walking, playing dodgeball and so much more! Back to being responsible with my food. I will start logging completely again starting tomorrow. Please feel free to encourage me to eat better if I don't straighten up by myself. lol

My best to you all