What has helped you the most when doing 21 day fix?

chesves Posts: 224 Member
Any tips or tricks that have helped you more than others? Planning? Favorite snack? What has helped you stick to it? A favorite recipe? What keeps you motivated in doing those workouts? Thanks for sharing!


  • SatiaRenee
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    @chesves Seriously? I just posted in another thread about how I am putting together a Tips & Tricks sheet for my mother who will be starting 21DF on Monday. LOL!
  • chesves
    chesves Posts: 224 Member
    Didn't see that, but I'd LOVE to see what you've put together!!!
  • SatiaRenee
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    @chesves Well now I have double incentive to get it done today. :)
  • jcraig10
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    Honestly, having my fiancé on board has helped me the most. He loves subs and cheesesteaks and pizza and pretty much all food and would eat out breakfast lunch and dinner if he could. Having him on board with clean eating and portion control is helping me A LOT. He isn't completely following the portion part of it, but is clean eating with me. We pack lunches together every night for the next day.

    Meal planning and prepping on Sundays has also been very helpful. I also have a chart of my meal plan hanging on the fridge so if I forget what I'm supposed to be eating, I just double check it before searching the fridge.

    Also, turkey bacon has been my savior. I love bacon.
  • Rubie782
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    I do the workout first thing in the morning right when I get up. I know if I dont do it then I will find some excuse later in the day to not do it. I find that doing it in the morning gives me more energy throughout the day and I just feel better. If you are on Instagram search #21dayfix or #21fixmeals and you will find tons of ideas as far as meals!