This might be a dumb question but.....

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I have always kind of done my own thing lifting weights and tracking progress but I started ICF this week and I have looked through discussions on here of people posting what they squat, deadlift, row ect.... my question is are you counting in the weight of the bar in those totals or just the weight you add to the bar? I guess I always thought the norm was to add the weight of the bar to your added weight for the total but just wanting to make sure I am tracking correctly.

Thanks in advance!!


  • krokador
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    Yup, weights posted do take the weight of the bar into account. Wouldn't make much sense otherwise because not all bars are made equal (My gym has the 25lbs smaller bars as well as 45lbs oly bars, + oddly weighted crappy thick bars, and a 50lbs trap bar, and 15lbs EZ-Bars that can be weigthed up, and also fixed weight bars which include the total weight of them).

    You want to keep track of it all if you want to record your progress accordingly :)

  • DawnEmbers
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    Yep. I include the bar and such for everything except leg press cause I don't know what the stuff besides the plates weigh.