Daily Report 2015-8-1

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Hello everyone -where is everyone? We miss you!

Sorry I didn't check in yesterday. Busy day. Did 32 min of squats and 70 min of tai' chi. I had a church social yesterday - so delicious! Dutch oven chicken breasts, baked beans and fresh fruit. The also had homemade ice cream which I didn't eat any! Yay for me! Then off to my granddaughter's birthday more cake and ice cream and I didn't eat any! Yay. but was still over on my calories because I lowered them yesterday. Gaining weight in maintenance. (shaking head sadly) Need to get a grip on this. Last time I just upped my calories all at one. I thought it was going well, but I guess not so well. I'm sure some of the gain could be water with all the exercise I've been doing but I just have to make sure. I plan to up my calories slowly this time and find where I should be.

Have a great day today. Bella, when is your Black belt test?



  • HealthyBella403
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    Haha I know right?? It seems like the check-ins have turned into just a private conversation between two people lol

    Wow, that sounds so yummy! And yay for you for resisting the ice cream! You're doing amazing, so try not to stress too much about having a treat now and again.

    My black belt test is next Wednesday! I ran through all my material last night in class, and I hope it goes well! It's been a year of training so I'm excited to finally move up:)

    Today's run was really refreshing. My route this week was through the little village by the beach, which has such a cool vibe and a lot of fit people to motivate you! Beat my time by 6 minutes, which isn't something I necessarily aim for, but is definitely a plus!

    Have a lovely day, and other group members, get out here!

  • SRJennings
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    Hello All,
    Oh Alisa, you are so kind to reach out to me via PM and invite me back. You actually made me teary (in a nice way).

    My original goal was to be able to go on my June vacations and not be ashamed. I did pretty well, but definitely missed the goal. I experienced a nine week stall. I just kept gaining and losing the same 3 lbs. Vacation came and went...it was lovely. But, since then I have been in a downward trajectory and I really have not wanted to post and be the whiney boo hoo poster. I really do not even know how much weight I have gained.

    Then yesterday, I ate an entire bag of potato chips. Over 1,200 calories........ and that was just the chips! :(

    Then today, Alisa contacts me out of the blue! :)

    So. It is time to rejoin, re-engage and generally get my act together!

    I will put some serious thought into establishing new goals.
    I will go back and read the posts I missed so that I can catch up with your news.
    I will get back on track.

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    Hello scrap and others,
    Been hanging around in the back ground. Still at it and doing OK.
    Have mostly good days (Green) but occasionally poor judgment or hungry days (RED).
    Can not swim much anymore. Need shoulder replacement but Doc said I
    was too active. Switched off to Stair Monster and Spinning. I do read and follow
    you guys and wish you well.