Daily Report 2015-8-2

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So glad to see you Susan and Bruce!

Susan - I am so glad you have memories of your vacation as lovely! Living life is so important. I am sorry to hear you have been having such a hard time. Believe me, I have been there with the bag of potato chip and mine were dipped in sour cream and salsa! I can't even imagine how many calories and I still dream about it sometimes lol Not really something to laugh about but if I don't, I will cry. Yes, time to reevaluate and make a fresh start. Leave everything negative in the past. We are here for you. Be whiny, it's OK. We don't mind. Get everything out that you need to. Here's to a better day!

Bruce - Sorry to hear about the shoulder and not being able to swim. So, is that too active for the surgery or the shoulder got that way from being too active? Because that just would not be fair, right? Hope they can do something to help. Hope you enjoy the new exercise. Glad to hear you still "lurk" around, Say hi once in a while. We would love to hear from you anytime. :smile:

Bella - Running through a little village sounds peaceful. I'll be thinking about you and your black belt test! I really miss those days!

I'm off for a hike this morning. It's the day my husband and I can both go out together. Church isn't until the afternoon so we try to take advantage of the morning.

"When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible." ~ Howard Schultz...

Have a great day everyone!


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    So glad to see you, Susan and Bruce!

    I echo Alisa's sentiments, Susan: whine all you want. We've all been there with the gross binge days, but you are strong and will definitely bounce back! Just keep at it <3

    Sorry about your shoulder Bruce! Spinning is fun though:) I thought bike riding would be a piece of cake but it's a tough total body workout!

    Alisa, way to rally everyone back! You're such a great human bean <3 Hope your hike is fantastic!

    Today is my rest day, thank goodness! I've been training nonstop for the past eight days and needed the break. Started off my morning with yoga and will probably run through my material in the evening, but other than that I'll be taking it easy!

    Have a great day guys!

    <3 Bella
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    Beautiful day here. Hot, but not terribly humid. I went for a long (but slow) this morning. I logged 45 min of the 2 hours because MFP just hands out outrageous credit for easy work outs.

    Yesterday was yet another binge day....hmmm. My re-set may be a tad slower than anticipated.

    Bruce, I can imagine how frustrated you are with the shoulder injury. I overtrained with a masters group in my early 40's. It took a long time to heal. No fun at all.

    Alisa - I am impressed at how much you hike. There is a nice park fairly close to us. I may ask some friends to head over there next week. I walk a lot and golf while carrying my bag - but that is different than a concentrated hike.

    Best to you all!
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    I do love to hike. .....but now it's evening and I am home alone and I want ice cream. There is ice cream in the freezer :# but I really don't want to WANT ice cream. "sigh" I have been sooo good today. I just went out and picked beets. Maybe I can distract myself if I go and pickle the beets. Good idea. I'll let you know if it worked in the morning.

    Night all!
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    Thanks to all for your nice comments. I have an old 1971 HS shoulder dislocation and at my age has decided to start coming apart. I ultimately will get a total replacement, but my Surgeon said I will need to settle down and not swim 2 miles a day. Replacement parts do not hold up that good. So I will of course delay as long as possible while I learn to settle down.