Daily Report 2015-8-6

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Congrats Bella! I knew you could do it. It all sounds like so much well deserved reward for you! and WOW, New Zealand! That sounds just fabulous! Hope you have a great time! (don't forget to record you punishment for the challenge :wink: )

I'm off to work already. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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    Good Day All,

    Bella - you are a superwoman and an inspiration! Passing your black belt test is a milestone and I am just thrilled for you! Incredible. I hope your trip to New Zealand goes well. What are you doing there?

    I am without a real plan for a work out today....Hmm. I do need a plan and to work out some goals to get back on track.

    I swim in the pond all summer but commute to a YMCA every other day all 'winter'. It is almost a 45 min drive so I love the break during the summer to just jump in the pond. As I am writing this, it occurs to me that one of the reasons that I do not go up to the YMCA in the summer is/was because of the kids schedules. During the winter, I leave when the bus leaves but during the summer I have always been on call for activities. As of 3 weeks ago, that is no longer the case! My youngest has his full drivers license and no longer needs me! Yikes! We are both still adjusting!

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    Be happy.

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    Hey everyone,

    Bella, I am so proud of you. That is such an awesome accomplishment AND you broke a light, very impressive. I hope you have fun on your trip B).

    I'm going to take my dog out for a run this afternoon. He has been causing mayhem in the yard lately, I think he's trying to tell me that he really wants get out on the trails.

    Not much else planned for today, so I hope everyone else has good day today.


    ~ Kris