Daily Report 2015-8-12

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Good morning!
My legs are like jello. Really over doing it trying to keep up with all the challenges in my fitness game. Wall sits, burpees, lunges, half jacks, jumping lunges. My 2 daughters are coming into town today for the wedding at Sat. How I look forward to seeing them again. They both are only bringing their baby because the rest of the children are in school already.

Remember! In fitness, it's NOT the thought that counts

Have a great day!


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    Got a nice strength workout while running with my dog yesterday. First is was a turtle in the middle of the trail, then he had to chase the bird that flew out of a bush as we passed by, then he saw a squirrel or a rabbit or something and we ended up going off road for a little while until I could get him back to the trail. My work day yesterday was pretty hectic though, so it was worth it to get away from it all for a while.

    Strength today, with a 20 min. cool down run afterwards, and more bow practice.


    Have a great day everyone.

    ~ Kris
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    Good walking workout today playing golf. I still have not managed to add any strength workout to my program. So, I carry my bag and one day a week I think I have some strength training!
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    :) Better than nothing, right?