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Starting Keto tomorrow, need breakfast ideas

janierockjanierock Posts: 43Member Member Posts: 43Member Member
Hi, I just joined this group because I'm starting Keto tomorrow. I actually am doing a diet experiment where I try a new diet a week for an entire year and I'm documenting it for my YouTube channel.

I've done Keto in the past and had a lot of success, but I'm struggling of thinking outside the box in terms of things I can eat for breakfast. Anyone have any ideas? I googled a decent breakfast casserole and can be frozen and thawed easily in the morning. Anything else you know of that might be quick and easy?


  • karynewsomekarynewsome Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I get really sick of eggs and favorite is cream cheese pancakes/waffles. I stick 2 oz. cream cheese and two eggs in my Magic Bullet and blend. You can add cinnamon, flavored sugar free syrup...then I either cook them in butter like a pancake or use my waffle iron. Delicious! You can even make a syrup with butter and sugar free vanilla syrup.
  • allisonscoulsonallisonscoulson Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I make this yogurt, but use stevia or Swerve instead of the sweeteners listed. I also use more strawberry extract instead of strawberries to keep the carbs lower. The best part of this recipe (besides the taste and creaminess) is that this recipe makes about 4 servings, so you can make it and have it ready to grab and go for busy days.
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