Hi ladies. My name is Amanda and I am almost 9 weeks pregnant with my third. This was quite a shock to my husband and I since he had a vasectomy a month after I had my 2nd child (he even took the sample back 6 weeks after and was given the "all clear"). However, apparently the little piece that they cut out, grew back. So here I am, 37 years old and pregnant with my 3rd child. I am also VERY overweight. I am the heaviest I have ever been with the start of my pregnancy. With my first child, I gained 115 lbs, with the second I gained 55 lbs. I started at 170 with my first and 205, with my second, and now I'm 270! Unfortunately after my second child, I managed to lose 30lbs, but quickly gained it back plus some. However, I have been battling thyroid issues since the birth of my second child. Now I am on thyroid medicine, so hopefully that is taken care of. My obgyn told me at my weight, I am actually okay to lose 10 pounds with the pregnancy, instead of gaining. She told me that with the second one as well, but I obviously didn't heed her advice! I am bound and determined not to gain with this baby! So far so good...I have actually lost a few pounds. Please feel free to send me a friend's request.


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    Welcome! Ive also lost about 5 lbs so far this pregnancy but I am just 6 weeks. My OB is ok with me losing weight, a little, and eating low carb so trying not to gain more than the 15 lbs total she's allowed.