Wednesday 26th August

stellaslove Posts: 22 Member
UGH! I am not doing well, I'm totally right back where I started... ewoksrule3 you asked last week what I was going to do to get back on track - I don't know.. I'm hoping I will be inspired by how everyone else is going this week! Hope you are all on track!


  • ewoksrule3
    ewoksrule3 Posts: 230 Member
    Do it today, lady! ;) I had a couple of really bad eating days, so I'm a pound up from last week. Halfway to "making up" those calories I went over, though...and then I can get back to losing!
  • Lady_Lyrico
    Lady_Lyrico Posts: 35 Member
    Keep remembering this is a marathon, not a sprint, and we all have times when it is hard to focus. I hope you both have better weeks this week.
    I have been amazed at how much time I am having to give over to planning and preparing meals, and exercising! But, this is my new normal, and I have had many years of heading for the quick and easy processed meals and snacks.
    I lost 1.7 lbs this week. I have now reached my 95kg mini goal and have set my next mini goal at 90kg. Ultimate goal is 65kg, but I don't like to think about that!
    I'm really being careful to stick to 1500 cals per day, and I am rarely eating back my exercise calories. I think it is really helping me to be following a low FODMAP plan at the moment. I'm also posting pics of my dinner on Facebook and Instagram, mainly to give inspiration when I am trying to plan my meals, but also to get a bit of accountability by being public with my eating choices. Feel free to have a look if you are interested.
  • 110challenge
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    down .5 this week but its TOM sooo