September Goals

HatherM Posts: 404 Member
I'm interested, do you set monthly goals? Have you set any for September yet?

I like to set myself goals that are challenging, but attainable, this way it keeps me motivated and through meeting those goals I can feel proud of myself :smile:


  • jim_bri
    jim_bri Posts: 5 Member
    I'm doing a push up challange - start on the 1st doing 4, 8 on the 2nd and 12 on 3rd and so on... 1 rest day a week - builds up to 200 on the last day.
  • TheDarkestStar87
    TheDarkestStar87 Posts: 246 Member
    I've got a big holiday coming up, so really this month the aim is to come back weighing roughly the same coming back as I did going there.
  • Osiris275
    Osiris275 Posts: 228 Member
    Half a stone would be good for me. I'm wanting to loose another stone by my birthday which is te end of October.
  • Charlotte27981
    Charlotte27981 Posts: 14 Member
    Half a stone for me, too, and I'm trying the 'no drinking in September' thing.
  • HatherM
    HatherM Posts: 404 Member
    There's some great goals there.
    I'm going for 140 miles walked in September,
    Walks: Loggerheads to Moel Famau, Snowdon, Devil's Kitchen,
    Walk 10k steps a day,
    Drinking 4 litres of water a day,