Vitamins and supplements - what types/brands are you taking?

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Hi all - what vitamins and supplements is everyone taking? Do you have to take a chewable once sleeved? I am having a tough time finding a chewable multivitamin that is not gummy (I hate gummies) and I'd prefer to find one that is vegetarian/vegan (no gelatin). Just curious what everyone else has settled on short and long term.


  • garber6th
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    At 4 weeks post surgery, my surgeon cleared me to take vitamins and medications in whole pill form. I have no problem taking vitamins/pills although I know some people do. I take Centrum for women, calcium, magnesium, Hair, Skin, and Nails.
  • pennysteed
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    Walgreens became my friend prior to surgery. I was able to find a chewable vitamin designed for post-bariatric patients there. It is called Optisource (made by Nestle Health Science). I take that 4 times a day. I am also taking a B-12 complex sublingual liquid, Caltrate (Calcium with vitamin D), Biotin, and a stool softener. All of that protein does a number on me. I have opted not take the Iron supplements, hoping I am getting enough in my other vitamins.
  • JeanneMarie11111
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    I am a year out and am still taking one called Bariatric fusion, they make a chewable, (it was recommended immediately after surgery) I couldn't handle it. I stopped taking it and got a little ill, Vitamin deficiency. They then said I could take the pill form 3x daily.
  • badhair56
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    as far as chewable multivitamins go, you can't beat Flintstones chewables and they're not a gummi. Of course if you're like me i buy the wal-mart brand; it's cheaper and has the same vitamin, mineral and iron content as Flintstones brand.
  • gardendoc
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    I like the Bariatric Advantage products and I'm trying some of the OTC products
  • BringingSherriBack
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    I take Centrum Adult Chewables. My nutritionist approved them. I've taken these since just before surgery and I'm almost 4 years out now and my vitamin levels have always been good when I get my blood tests.
  • sinderstorm
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    I take Kirkland (costco) energy multivitamins. They're big and I'm terrified of one getting stuck after knowing what a stuck pill did to my mom who is a bypass patient, so I cut them in half before swallowing. Not a big deal. I also do 2 calcium chews throughout the day, and biotin and a potassium supplement before bed.
  • phlpn413
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    I second the Flinstones w/ Iron! I take two each day at the recommendation of NUT, who also told me to avoid gummy vitamins.
  • duffslove
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    I'm taking the Centrum chewable multivitamin with extra Iron...I was taking the calcium citrate + d chews by bariatric advantage for the first 2 months, now I take the calcium citrate petites by citracal...and spring valley vitamin b12 sublingual 500 mg and now I can take it in the tablet or lozenge form
  • lenac87
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    I use the optisource chewable bariatric vitamins. I buy mine on, I also use a chewable calcium caramel chew
  • SibylDiane
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    I take Trader Joe's chewable high potency multi-vitamins. They are cheaper, lower calorie, and lower carb than most other chewables (especially the "bariatric" ones). They are not gummy and have no gelatin. My labs have always been great :)
    I also take the generic version of Citracal petites, iron supplements of various brands, (iron was a problem for me before surgery as well), generic D3, Trader Joe's B12, and Jarrow MK-7/K2.
  • Robin628
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    Wow, glad to see there are a lot of options out there!
  • lizadaze
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    I started with Unjury vitamins post-surgery, but am now taking regular vitamins. It took me a while to find what would work for me and not upset my stomach. I now take the following:

    2 tabs. GNC Hair, Skin and Nail Formula (primarily biotin and it works!)

    2 tabs. GNC Ultra Mega 50+ Mini (the key here is the "mini" as the pills are smaller. I started with the larger one pill a day and they hurt my stomach. Somehow, two mini pills do go down much easier for me).

    2 tabs. calcium +D (I prefer Citracal and plan to take their new slow-release formula next time I stock up).
  • magtart
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    I'm almost 2 years out and take store brand adult gummies. I actually look forward to my vitamins everyday. Oh, I also take a biotin supplement which helped stop my hair loss.
  • Athollass
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    My Nut recommended the Celabrate bariatric vitamins and calcium. I tried the chewable tabs but they are too powdery. I like the orange multivit and caramel calcium chewables. Funny story, I left the packages setting on the counter one day and came back to find my hubby nibbling on my new "candy" :)
  • capecodgirl50
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    Does anyone use Viactiv Calcium plus D dietary supplement? Contains 500 mg of Calcium - 500 iu of Vitamin D and 40 mcg vitamin of K. This tastes good. Easy to take. This is in addition to my multi-vitamin.
  • grim_traveller
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    Does anyone use Viactiv Calcium plus D dietary supplement? Contains 500 mg of Calcium - 500 iu of Vitamin D and 40 mcg vitamin of K. This tastes good. Easy to take. This is in addition to my multi-vitamin.

    Viactiv is calcium carbonate. You'll absorb very little of that. You might as well not take it at all. You need calcium citrate.
  • janet0513
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    I used to take Centrum chewable but now I just take a regular non chewable multi. For calcium, I take Celebrate Citrate wafers (they are not as good as the chews but much more financially manageable). Grim is right about the carbonate, you won't absorb it. Don't let people tell you their levels are fine because calcium levels are useless. Your body will pull calcium from your bones etc to maintain balance. The better indicator would be a parathyroid or bone density (at which put you have caused damage if it isn't good)
  • wifeydevine
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    Optisource chewables 4 times a day, a probiotic blend from Bariatric Eating called Journey Tummy Balance, Flaxseed oil twice a day, and GNC Natural Calm (magnesium citrate), once a day. I also take Colace twice a day and Linzess maybe once or twice a week for tummy issues.
  • pawoodhull
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    My doctor told me the store brand are fine once you heal enough to swallow whole pills again. So that's what I do, all vitamins and suppliments I buy with groceries.