Daily Report for the Week through Sept 5, 2015

Good Morning everyone!!!

Hope nobody minds if we change to a weekly thread. Still check in as often as possible bus not have to make a new thread. Maybe we can converse more this way :smile: Good?

It is a great morning. Had a wonderful night's sleep ad up early this morning. Made wonderful spaghetti sauce on Sunday. It is great over raw grated zucchini. I plan to have some more of this today. Sounds funny but I really like it. Saves a lot of calories. It's great when I eat better, with better choices, it is hard to eat all my allotted calories. Last week I really struggled with too much fast food and desserts. My peaches are close to ready. I've been picking a few to eat these last couple of days. Love fresh picked anything!

My ankle is doing better. I'm still being careful to not re injure it. It's really hard when my husband want to go bike riding and I don't dare. He keeps going without me. :confused: I'm glad he's not using me as an excuse to not go. In the past, he would have.

Back to work today. (I haven't forgotten about the wedding pics. I don't have any good ones yet)

Hope everyone is doing well. How is your shoulder doing Bruce?

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  • Bruceapple
    Bruceapple Posts: 2,024 Member
    Thanks for your concerns. My shoulder is my shoulder, it is up to me when I want to replace it.
    Doc told me to slow down, I am too active for a replacement, apparently the replacement are not too strong.
    Basically take it easy and don't overdue it. I swim 0.5 mile a week instead of 10 miles week. At that
    rate I do not need pain pills. I would like to say it has been feeling better but, that might jinx it.
    I enjoy my hour on a StairMonster or riding my bike now to get my endorphin high.
    Weight is slowly dropping so all is well. How are you doing?
  • scrapbookingtm
    scrapbookingtm Posts: 1,912 Member
    Doing much better than last week! Hoping this will be a good week. Back on track again! My mood is much better and the ankle is healing.