Have trouble with negative calorie setting.

ajbutler45 Posts: 525 Member
When I try to use the negative calorie setting it subtracts exercise calories from my remaining calories for the day instead of adding to it. Any one else having this trouble? I have just kept negative calories disabled for now.


  • Kawaiikoneko
    Kawaiikoneko Posts: 2 Member
    I am having the exact same issue. I tried to remove the band from the app and then remove negative calories but the option was not there. It is killing me! I just bought the band because I was so excited to have all the extra features (text notifications) but now I am thinking I made a horrible decision of moving away from the Polar Loop.
  • I was getting negative calories removed from my exercise as well but in my case it was because I forgot to disconnect my fitbit account from MFP when I got the band and it was conflicting. As soon as I disconnected the other account the negatives stopped showing up.
  • adriandbraun
    adriandbraun Posts: 2 Member
    This issue just cropped up today for me. I've had my Band (vers 1) for about 6 months, though it was replaced just a few months ago. This is the first time I've noticed this issue. Has anyone figured out a solution?
  • adriandbraun
    adriandbraun Posts: 2 Member
    A little research brought me to this: https://myfitnesspal.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1774598-microsoft-band-issues

    Seems that you can't track steps and workouts with Band or MFP freaks out.
  • Ride529
    Ride529 Posts: 3 Member
    Hmm, I just started using MFP and connected my band, what I see is only exercise shows up and no steps. I primarily use mine for steps as I use a garmin when I'm cycling, it seems to indicate this would work but I've not had success figuring it out... Anyone else get it to work?
  • ajbutler45
    ajbutler45 Posts: 525 Member
    I enter my Microsoft Band information manually. I now am having trouble with the heart rate monitor on the band being wrong so entering info manually into MFP.
  • LucyLovely
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    My band will sync the calories if I use the exercise tile. It has never synced steps. I am not sure what the negative calorie thing is.