Annual exam results are in!

Just got my lab results back from my annual physical. My dr was thrilled w/my cholesterol results.
HDL from 34 to 46; LD from 138 to 98; Triglycerides from 139 to 67 and total cholesterol from 200 to 157. Off BP medication completely and my BP is fabulous. (105/67) My iron is still low (same song for the last 10+ years) but better than it was in May. I am just tickled to think that what I am doing is giving me a chance at not only a longer life, but a healthier and more satisfying life. When I had my VSG done last November I dreamed that I could maybe have these outcomes but also prepared myself to be the sole exception to what everyone else seemed to be experiencing, thinking I might only lose a little weight and not see improvements. (those are the negative nelly thoughts that sometimes run around my brain) I am not where I want to be weight-wise and may not even be there when I hit my 1 yr post-surgery mark in 2 months, but I am so far ahead in the improvements in my health that I feel like I am a walking VSG success story. :)