Week Four Challenges: June 23 - 29

Week Four Challenges for Sunday, June 23, through Saturday, June 24 are:

Martial Arts Day
Make A New Friend Day
Family Day
Body Toning (Legs)
Cabin Cleaning Day
Pamper Yourself Day
Book Critic Day

For a complete explanation of what each day requires, please read the Weekly Challenges discussion.

Have fun, Campers!


  • mudflatmabel
    mudflatmabel Posts: 138 Member
    I'm posting early, as I am heading out tomorrow for vacation.

    I did the Pamper Yourself Day on Sunday - I really kicked butt Saturday around the house and mowing the lawn, so I just took a day to relax and pamper myself with catching up on reading my magazines and doing Kumihimo braiding.
    For Make a Friend Day - I reached out to one of my cabin mates that I hadn't yet met. She has given me inspiration and has motivated me to keep on track with the journey, even though every day is not perfect!
    For Body Toning Day - Legs - I did extra work on my legs by adding more high knee water walking in the shallow end, and extra leg lifts, knee lifts and kicks, in the deep end of the pool.
    On Cabin Cleaning Day, I did some deep cleaning in the bathroom, on some areas I tend to neglect. It included cleaning, organizing, and throwing away stuff.
    I'm posting my Family Day a day early, as I will be on the road with my sweetheart tomorrow, and don't know if I will have internet. We are going to drive to the ferry landing, (sit an hour or so in the car) get on the ferry (another hour plus in the car or walking around), on the mainland we will pick up supplies (like our once a year diet Rock Stars), then to Subway for our lunch, and across the pass where we will do some gold panning and then head on to our destination for several days. there is a really nice pool and hot tub there, so I will be getting in my water aerobics as much as possible! My boyfriend hasn't been off the island in over a year, so it is always a treat when we get to go somewhere together.
    That's it for now!
  • dmdegrassi
    dmdegrassi Posts: 151
    Okay, just checking myself in here, so I'm accountable and all.

    Martial Arts Day - Did not complete
    Make A New Friend Day - Reached out to a member of my cabin and shared more about myself than I have with anyone on here
    Family Day - Toured an assisted living facility with Mom (she will stay there when we go on vacation)
    Body Toning (Legs) - Completed this earlier in the week
    Cabin Cleaning Day - Probably won't get this done...not motivated
    Pamper Yourself Day - I'm doing that right now. Today has been a lazy day and I'm keeping it that way. I needed one of these!
    Book Critic Day - Posted my book review; still reading...will update the review when I'm done.

    Completed both surprise challenges

    Lost 0.4 lbs this week
  • dmdegrassi
    dmdegrassi Posts: 151

    FYI - Cabin averages are based on actual number of campers PARTICIPATING.

    Best Week Four Cabin Participation = Tie between Cabin 2 & Cabin 3 with 6 participants.

    Best Points Earned Average Per Cabin = Cabin 3 with 29.5 points.

    Best Weight Loss Average Per Cabin = Cabin 2 with 1 pound lost.

    Best Points Earned for An Individual = SavvyGurl0528 with 33 pts.

    Best Individual Weight Loss = Tie between missability and traynorj82 with 2 pounds lost.

    Specific Totals for Cabins below:

    Cabin 1 – Bold Fitness Fanatics (BFFs)
    3 actual participants; Avg Pts = 27; Avg Wt Chg = -.8
    dmdegrassi 29 pts -.4 lbs
    Jullessi Dropped out
    Pumpitusa No Results
    prajnafaux 24 pts -1.4 lbs
    jacksagod 28 pts -.6 lbs
    happysilverpoppy No Results
    lewiscandacea Starting Week 5

    Cabin 2 – Determined Divas
    6 actual particpants; Avg Pts = 28.2; Avg Wt Chg = -1
    Super_Mama 32 pts -.5 lbs
    SummerMM1 21 pts -1.7 lbs
    missability 32 pts -2 lbs
    naticksdonna 28 pts +.2 lbs
    traynorj82 29 pts -2 lbs
    futurefitgirl3 27 pts -0

    Cabin 3 – Win To Thin
    6 actual participants; Avg Pts = 29.5; Avg Wt Chg = +.2
    SavvyGurl0528 33 pts -0 lb
    sassynkp 31 pts -0 lbs
    karendee4 32 pts -1.8 lbs
    spacecurly 32 pts +1.1 lbs
    Prephred 26 pts +1.2 lbs
    df1982 No Results
    mudflatmabel 23 pts -0 lbs