Anyone else more than 2 years post sleeve?



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    I had my sleeve on April 26, 2010. Beginning weight was 318, and over about 11 months I lost 110 pounds! Then, I quickly regained to 276!! I did this by adding some old foods (the ones that made me fat to begin with) back into my diet (justified them since I couldn't eat much, huge mistake)! I got it under control with some intensive head therapy. But I was sick! Vomiting bile at random times! Was awful! Had to be converted to RNY to stop the vomiting! Was 231 at RNY, and am now at 181! My plan did not include my surgeons eating plan after the RNY! I had done that after the sleeve, and was starving again at almost a year out! It didn't work for me! So, after the RNY I changed my diet to a keto way of eating. I'm healthy now, I don't have cravings for any food, I can be around high carb foods, and have no desire for them! I've never experienced this with any other way of eating. Oh, and my surgeon is aware that I don't eat according to his plan, and is happy with my results so far!

    I'm eating bacon, and butter, and getting skinny! Plus, my lab work is better than ever!
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    I am two years out SW 276 LW 156 CW 173. I am 5'10" and had gotten too thin. Sometimes I get discouraged but I am trying to learn to LOVE ME! I feel good. I can do things that I had never done before surgery. I am finding that loving myself and finding gratitude for where I am and where I came from.
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    You keto-ers are inspiring!
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    candacet36 wrote: »
    I am two years out SW 276 LW 156 CW 173. I am 5'10" and had gotten too thin. Sometimes I get discouraged but I am trying to learn to LOVE ME! I feel good. I can do things that I had never done before surgery. I am finding that loving myself and finding gratitude for where I am and where I came from.

    Love this. Need this. I keep fighting with the same 10 pounds. I would like to just make peace and move on! :)
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    I was sleeved 1/25/12 and am currently struggling bigtime, I have had regain and am finding it extremely difficult to get myself back on track and figure out how to lose this weight AGAIN.
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    I'm almost 2 years post surgery as of 4/1/14. SW 257, LW 149, CW 151. My goal is to reach 130; however, I've been stuck fluctuating between 149-152 last 6 months. I'm starting to notice that my appetite has picked up, I feel hungry more often even after I up my protein. I've been too tired to exercise lately. Have a follow up with Dr on 4\5 hope he can offer some good advice.
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    I'm 2 yrs out now, surgery was on 3/4/14, SW 230 lbs, CW 131.8. I've been stuck in the 131-134 range for a while now, can't seem to break that 130 mark. Just had an appointment with my surgeon for the loose skin removal, praying that gets approved. I struggle with eating enough protein and getting in enough exercise. It's a daily battle..
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    3 yrs 2mo post op starting weight 400 lbs surgery weight 340 lw 213 cw 240 happy have a great job and so much self esteem!! I am 5"2 so I am still morbid obese but I feel great and blessed!!
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    Hard to believe I posted this message 2 years ago. I am still here , still working hard, still fighting the good fight. It is still fun, still a challenge but it is worth it. Just read some of these great replies. Inspiring, all of them.
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    Hi Dawn! We were sleeved not too far apart (5/28/13 here). It is definitely more challenging the further out you are. I have been able to maintain the last nearly 4 years, but I find that it's so easy to eat anything, and very difficult to stay under 1,500 calories a day! I also find my body is changing. I had a baby 11 months ago and I feel like everything is different and I feel like my body is wider (even though my weight is the same). Granted I haven't been exercising as much as I'd like because of how busy I've been between work and taking care of a little one. I really need to get back into an exercise routine or I fear regain will hit me hard!
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    Hi! I was sleeved in June 2014. (236/169/199). I lost the weight pretty quickly. Then, I gained about 10-15 pounds back per year. It has all been mental. Eating the crunchy, carby, crispy, fatty and sweet things that I should not. Drinking alcohol (even one beverage is a snacking trigger for me). Worst, I used to exercise a lot more. I looked at my Facebook feed from my healthiest time (2015) and I used to go to the gym a couple of times per week, hike with the kids and hubby on the weekend, and I would jog/walk/pant/sweat through a 5k every 4-6 weeks. I'm just not exercising anymore, and I can tell that is the biggest difference - not only have I gained weight, but I've lost muscle tone, I'm tired more often, and my decreased core strength means that my back frequently feels tweaky. I had a serious loss of discipline and motivation, and it is a real bummer.

    However, I am working on turning it around now. I joined a new gym and they have more classes than the one I used to go to. So, I'm trying to get there three times per week. Tonight is "bodyflow" class, which is like yoga/tai chi. Fun stuff.

    Nutritionally, I'm really pushing the water, trying to focus on protein and veggies, and staying away from processed food.

    So, I'm getting there. Sometimes I feel like a failure. But, I'm not. To say that I "failed" would suggest that my health and weight loss story is written and done. It is not. I am a work in progress. I hope that anyone else who is struggling after a couple years post-surgery will treat themselves as a work in progress, not give up, stay positive, and keep striving for their health and other personal goals!

    Good luck!!
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    I think a big part of the "rebounding" weight gain and slacking on exercise is vitamin deficiencies finally catching up with you, at least for some people. You start feeling a little more tired, so you cut back on the exercising, and it just snowballs, etc. Be sure to get your full "post-bariatric" panels done at least yearly, focusing on vitamin D and B12 for energy related issues, but also thyroid etc. If you were not good about eating a variety of foods or supplementing with a multi vitamin while losing, it could very well be a year or two before your existing stores of some vitamins are depleted, hence the delay in the "rebound" showing up so much later. Remember, it will take awhile to shore it up too. Do some research on which vitamins need to go together if you do supplement (i.e. vit D needs K to be absorbed, etc).
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    Eat whole foods and you'll get your vitamins. It amazes me that we think that a synthetic pill will gice us more nutrients than fruits, veggies, meats, beans etc
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    Aztec4Life wrote: »
    Eat whole foods and you'll get your vitamins. It amazes me that we think that a synthetic pill will gice us more nutrients than fruits, veggies, meats, beans etc

    Agreed, but especially the first few months/year of VSG we cant always eat enough - often you only eat 500-600 calories a day for awhile (which is very, very difficult to get all the needed micronutrients in), and you wont know you are short until current stores are depleted, at which time it will take time to shore them back up. Taking a simple multi (research to find the "best" one) is just a little insurance until you can build up to eating more food a day.

    And for those who relied heavily on protein drinks, etc in the first year and who didnt eat whole foods for the last year, sure they can start now but the damage might be done. "synthetic" pills do have a place in a less than ideal world. They are another tool in the arsenal to be used appropriately.
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    Well said, Aylajayne! Extra vitamins don't hurt and at least something in there is really likely to be needed. I am eating more now but still should be more diligent with my vitamin regimen.
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    Just found this discussion: I'm 3 yrs out as of 10/2018. I'm stuck at an approximate 50 lb weight loss. My highest wgt was 283, but I've been stuck at about 230 for 1.5 yrs; nothing I have tried has worked. Now I'm back on my 2-wk pre-op diet to try and break this beyond stubborn stall.
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    I’m curious how any of you are doing now after all th time. This thread is almost three years old. Many changes can happen in that time. I’m happy to report that I remain ketogenic and will at some level for the rest of my life since it’s become second hand to me. I’ve maintained that weight (this mornings weight was 182) within a couple of pounds without exercise of any kind since I have some physical limitations (bad back and neck won’t allow it)!

    Hope to find you all well! Just remember that you cannot eat what you ate before surgery and expect to lose weight!! It just won’t work that way! This is a life long struggle of watching what we put in our mouths!!

    Merry Christmas 🎄
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    I've avoided this app for almost 2 years. Sleeved 6/2014. Lowest weight was 149. Current weight 183. Reading everyone's stories reminds me of what I need to do but just don't have any motivation to do.
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    I had VSG 05/2015, HW 345, LW 125, CW 139-144. I am 5'5" and 64 years old. I was too thin with insufficient body fat so worked my way to my current range, which I have maintained for four years. I believe maintenance is more difficult than losing, requiring ongoing vigilance. I'm currently challenged by non-diabetic reactive hypoglycemia, which 34% of bariatric patients experience 2+ years out. I'm finding a keto lifestyle to work the best for me. My Fitbit is my best friend, with a goal of 10,000 steps daily and I do strength / resistance training three times per week. We've got this !