Anyone up for a Horse Enthusiasts Challenge?

lkellandmay Posts: 121 Member
getting fit and losing weight while getting your horse fit as well. :)
record number of rides, length of time riding and distance ridden (if you can - I use Runkeeper App). I will make a spread sheet to record user name, number of rides, length of time, distance . Actually a spread sheet that you can access and update your numbers.
I can as well include the rider's start weight, riders finish weight.

We can start 12Oct untill 23rd november.... that is a doable 6 weeks!
Any takers?
justreply with your name, horses name and start weight.
I will do the rest!


  • diazwoman
    diazwoman Posts: 24 Member
    Just what I need to get me motivated again!

    Diazwoman , Chey-Girl and 188.8
  • WyomingJewel
    WyomingJewel Posts: 21 Member
    Oh man! I would have loved to have done this. Let me know if you do another one. I set my riding goals for 6 weeks at a time.
  • Okapi42
    Okapi42 Posts: 495 Member
    Might be a way to stay motivated this wet, windy winter!
  • Mouse_Potato
    Mouse_Potato Posts: 1,492 Member
    My horse is too green for this. Length of ride: 45 minutes. Distance: 60 meters. ;)
  • WyomingJewel
    WyomingJewel Posts: 21 Member
    edited November 2015
    I can only ride about 45 mintes consistently
  • Okapi42
    Okapi42 Posts: 495 Member
    90 minutes for us today, but with a lot of standing still arguing - with the other riders. We're practicing a very complicated musical drill ride for Christmas!