10/9 Day 225 Friday Who Needs Commercials?

Auna37 Posts: 708 Member
If you watch TV this evening, make a point to get up and walk during commercials. These commercial “breaks” are an easy way to increase your step count for the day and keep your body moving.

Alternative Challenge:

Instead of sitting because you can why not get up and learn an active skill? Like juggling or the Yo-Yo!


  • cherrie1969
    cherrie1969 Posts: 181 Member
    great advice
  • ewoksrule3
    ewoksrule3 Posts: 230 Member
    This is going to be tough....I usually fast forward through the commercials to make each show take up less time! But I'll try to get up and walk during the commercials for at least one show tonight (I have a bunch dvr-ed to catch up on atm). :)
  • frogfan88
    frogfan88 Posts: 26 Member
    I am the same @ewoksrule3 with kids the little time I get to watch a show always fast forward threw the commercials. Does cleaning up the toys in the floor count during the show. I do that allot.
  • themedalist
    themedalist Posts: 3,207 Member
    I can definitely understand fast forwarding through the commercials!

    Whatever works to break up the sitting definitely "counts" and it doesn't have to be walking.

    There are two things that really seem to matter regarding excessive sitting and the impacts it has on our health.
    One is the total amount of sitting we do throughout the day. The second is how long we've been sitting without taking a break to stand or stretch or move about.

    Personally, I find it easier and more workable to make sure I don't sit for too long, than to significantly reduce the total hours I sit in the day. I have made some progress in sitting less, but I still sit quite a bit. But now, when I sit I don't stay seated. Every 20 minutes or so, I stand or get up and move.

    Hope this helps!

  • themedalist
    themedalist Posts: 3,207 Member
    I used to figit a lot to get more calories burned. Now Ive been trying to sit calmly and mellow. THis sounds like a lovely middle ground.

    Actually, you might want to keep the fidgeting up! It seems to help reduce the impact of excessive sitting!

  • Butterf1y_Effect
    Butterf1y_Effect Posts: 30 Member
    "The second is how long we've been sitting without taking a break to stand or stretch or move about."

    I am definitely going to work on this!