11/19 Day 253 Thursday

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Morning, everyone. Today's challenge is going to be a little bit different. Most generally the challenges that I post don't require money because more than likely you already have said items in your possession or it's an activity you do for yourself. This one is slightly different because it may cost you something but I, personally, believe that it is important.

Today my father is going in for a major heart surgery. He is a healthy man, who hasn't been to the doctor since he was 14 years old. He went in for a physical so he could get set up for surgery to fix two hernias he had gotten at work. Only for the doctor and nurse to have a mini freak out and were amazed that he wasn't ill and feeling chest pains. His blood pressure was 218/30.

Later we found out that his right central artery was 99.9% blocked (it was thinned out due to smoking since a teenager.). We never would have found this out if he hadn't gone in for a physical. My Dad isn't the kind of person to go to the doctor unless he is dying and if he hadn't gone when he did, he very well might have been soon. So without further ado here is today's challenge.

Today's Challenge:
Schedule a physical exam of some sort. Get yourself checked out!

You never know what is hiding and it is better to figure out sooner than later. Now if you are on a lower income you can always look around for free clinics or clinics that will set up an exam based on your income. The one I go to is the local health department. There are places to go, all you have to do is look! Have a great day everyone and be safe! :)


  • meganepreston
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    I scheduled one last week. But I can't be seen until March :/ Luckily I am young and active and feel fine :)
  • dublin448
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    Just had one in August. I try to go every year. Like you said Auna37, you never know what's hiding there. I hope your Dad's surgery goes well.
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    My company actually gives us a paid 1/2 day off as an incentive to get an annual physical, so mine is set up for next month! Having a blood pressure cuff at home is a good idea, too. Even if you just take a reading once a week, it gives you an idea of if something is off or if you're still doing well. yes, you have to purchase it initially, but I've had mine for years, so it is well worth the initial purchase...and hey, you could always put it on your Christmas wish list!
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    Love this challenge, Auna! This is something I wasn't doing several years ago, but I decided to stop kidding myself. Most medical issues can be addressed if they are caught in time. Get checked out...this is the only life we have! All of us are loved by people who need and want us to remain in their lives.

    And a special plea to those who are over 50: get a colonoscopy. Colon cancer is among the most treatable of all cancers if detected early and among the most deadly if not caught in time. Watching two people die of colon cancer needlessly and seeing the impact it had on their families is something I'll never forget.
  • themedalist
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    I'm sending positive thoughts to you and your family for your Dad's heart surgery.
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    I just had a heart transplant a few mths ago so everything is up to date on me hope your dads surgery goes well good luck