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Week 5 - Holiday Challenge

xena871xena871 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
Well, seem to be stuck at the same weight - again & yes, still. Really need some good pointers/realistic tips for a FT (desk job) employee with 5 kiddos, ranging from 5 to 14... involved in Scout's and like to walk but have been this weight for several years now and really want to have a goal of losing about 15 pounds. Thank you in advance. You/We can DO THIS! Merry Christmas!


  • michelledunn72michelledunn72 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    My job is primarily a desk job and I can relate to having busy kids. One thing that has really helped me is that I track everything I consume including breath mints!!

    I take the long way to the bathroom/co-workers office or anywhere else I need to go and am going to also start marching in place during commercials to get in a little extra. There are also some good desk exercises I do during the day and I frequently stand up at my desk while I work. My husband built me a shelf that my monitor sits on and I just move my mouse and key board to the shelf so I can keep working.

    I can't do a lot of walking or high intensity workouts due to low back and hip problems, but the things I mentioned above have been helpful.
  • madifehlingmadifehling Posts: 71Member Member Posts: 71Member Member
    Thank you for this post, Xena! Staying active with a desk job can be difficult. I really like Michelle's reply with two key points; tracking everything and fitting in extra steps/taking breaks. Tracking all of our food and physical activity is an evidence based strategy and is so vital to weight loss or weight maintenance. Also, being as active as we can while we're at work... taking breaks every 45 minutes to an hour to get up and stretch or walk a lap around the office, walking to talk to a coworker instead of calling or emailing, going to the restroom on a different floor, avoiding the elevator, all of these steps will add up in addition to regular exercise before or after the work day. Here is a great article for some fun desk exercises: Don't be discouraged if you cannot lose weight in this season, it is not recommended to try to lose weight during the holiday season and being able to maintain deserves to be celebrated! We are all here for you!
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