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Calorie adjustments have changed?

Hi all! I've been using an UP3 connected with MyFitnessPal for meal tracking, for several months. I add exercise like yoga manually and then my steps just import. Usually my calorie adjustment from UP is 0. Example, Sunday I had 8,251 steps with a 0 calorie adjustment. Monday I had 9,229 with 0. Today, something is out of whack because my steps are 8,209 and the calorie adjustment says 314! This is in addition to a manually logged workout where I burned 190. Nothing different seems to be going on today. I haven't changed my activity level (I keep it on sedentary) or weight or anything. Any ideas on what might be going on?


  • robinmarkz
    robinmarkz Posts: 93 Member
    They say it's a Jawbone issue that's not yet resolved. I am really disappointed because I have a new Pebble Time and intend to install the UP watchface. (It handles everything but sleep and the watch can use the Sleep As Android app, which is possibly the most accurate sleep app for Android. Then you manually enter to UP.)

    I hope it's resolved very soon! Thank you for asking because lots of people are annoyed about it.

  • blossomingbutterfly
    blossomingbutterfly Posts: 743 Member
    You never get an adjustment with more than 5k steps? That seems strange though, depending on your settings. But if you're on sedentary, it should give you some adjustments throughout the day with that amount of steps. In any case, Jawbone has been having networking issues since Christmas, they're probably still trying to resolve it.
  • 628462
    628462 Posts: 58 Member
    Yesterday I had 2,000 calorie adjustment with 10,000 steps. Yeah I wish! What is going on? Will it be resolved soon?
    I also wish you could choose your own times for smart alarm and idle alert. ....
    Where do we offer suggestions to up?
  • blossomingbutterfly
    blossomingbutterfly Posts: 743 Member
    You can contact their customer service to see if they are still having issues or not. They would best be able to answer that for you. I haven't been having any issues with Jawbone or up recently.

    As for times for smart alarm and idle alert...

    The smart alarm lets you choose up to how far in advance you let it wake you so if you find it's too early then you can choose to have it wake you like a few minutes before your time to get up for whatever you want it to be. You can choose the times you want for that.

    For the idle alert, you can choose what interval to buzz you if you haven't been active. I set mine to 15 mins between 9am and 8pm. You can choose start and stop times as well. You can set it to pretty much anything you want it to be at.

    I'm not sure what other time options you would want for those? You can customize them pretty well.

    But you can message their customer service online with suggestions of course.