Teachers, do you take THAT many steps in the classroom?

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I have a friend of a friend who I always end up in Fitbit challenges with (due to our mutual friend). I have met her several times and like her, but always complain because she kicks my butt in the challenges every single time. And the more I think about it, the more confused I am - like, even when I was training for a marathon, she would still win every time. I live in NYC and walk a lot, and even on days when I would do a 10 mile run and walk around the city, she would get more steps than me. I'm talking 20,000-25,000 steps on a normal day - and she lives in a city where not a lot of people walk and you have to drive everywhere. She does run, but that only accounts for a relatively small portion of those steps.

I asked her about it one time when I saw her, and she just said it was because she's a teacher so she's on her feet all day. Do teachers really take that many steps in the classroom?! I never imagined. I saw a post on here once from a teacher saying she was getting a lot of "steps" from writing on the whiteboard, so I kind of have to wonder if that's contributing here - but of course I would never say anything, that would be super awkward, and it's just a silly fitbit challenge anyway.

Anyway, I'm just genuinely curious if it's normal for a teacher to take 15,000+ steps at work each day. If so, that's awesome! Teaching is a much more active job than I thought!


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    I can't answer your question about teaching and how much steps they actually get-- but I just wanted to chime in that I have a fitbit friend who always has like 30,000 or more steps in a day and she's a stay at home mom (youngest kids are 9 I believe) and I am always blown away at how she gets that many steps. She says it's because she is constantly on her feet, but I've learned that she also put her fit bit on her shoe and while she's doing anything (washing dishes, folding laundry..etc) she is just stepping in place. It bothers me a little because I feel like it takes the fun out of the challenges when people start doing stuff like that. Maybe your teacher friend wears it around her shoe or maybe she is getting extra added steps from chalk board writing.

    Either way, it is curious!
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    Yes, if I am constantly moving around to monitor, and if I am doing quick laps around the playground while on duty. That said, I still have to take a walk before and or after school as well to get to the 15-20K step level.
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    Teaching can be a very tough job psychically and mentally. Obviously, it depends on the individual, but the most my sister usually sits down is lunch which isn't even a guaranteed thing. When she used her Fitbit, she would tell me she had 16k+ . She used a One, so I don't think she had any extra from writing.
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    I'm a teacher and it's easy for me to accumulate 10 000 steps just at work. I actually struggle meeting those steps on weekends.
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    As a teacher, I can tell you that yes... I am on my feet ALL day. The only time I sit down is at lunch (for like, ten minutes!) and during planning time (only if I am grading papers or in a meeting). Usually, during planning, I am running around getting copies made, checking my box, checking in which the other social studies teacher on the other team, talking about a student with another teacher, cleaning my room up (straightening the desks, picking up paper or items left by a student (sixth graders can be very forgetful!), etc.

    I have to walk my kids to and from lunch, to and from the bathroom (three times a day) and to and from Connections and to the buses at the end of the day. The steps add up pretty quickly. There will be some days when I will have over 7,000/8,000 steps before 11 AM. I have a Fitbit One, so there is no way that I am getting "steps" for writing on the board (wouldn't happen anyway, as I would wear it on my left hand and I am right handed) or by moving my hands a lot.

    I usually get 10,000 steps easily at work. Though, I average around 14,000 at work a day. The most I got in one day was 17,000. While I have gotten over 20,000 steps on a workday, I usually get that because I get home having around 14,000-15,000 steps and get over 20,000 by walking around my apartment and working out.
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    Im a teacher and I can get 8-9k steps a day at work. I too have a One so I can't rack up the steps by writing.
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    I am a HS teacher and wear a One and one "normal" teaching days I get around 8,000 steps during the school day. If it a test day and I am sitting at my desk giving a test it is down to around 3,000. So yes when you are teaching you do get in a lot of steps.