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Hi Red Hots! You're going to be hot by the end of Temptation Nation!

Take the time to get to know each other here. If you don't like your team name, then feel free to work with your team leader to come up with a different one fitting for the show.

Hope you're ready for Monday! If you haven't seen the main preview for the show, you can check it out on

1 meganfoster12 - team leader
2 JasmijnRF
3 JMarcella57
4 DisneyDad08
5 Scherzie
6 LOW_rah
7 ashleyduke047
8 tyabx6
9 Lee716
10 musicfan4life30


  • Lee716
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    Hello everyone! My name is Leonie, 26 years old and mother to one boy. Hoping to lose 15 lbs during this challenge. Gonna be sending everyone on the team a friend request, so excited to start my new year on the right path. Looking forward to interacting with all yall!
  • JasmijnRF
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    Hi team! Leonie, nice to meet you. Good to hear you are exciting about starting the challenge. So am I. And you are a stunning woman by the way :)

    My name is Jasmijn and I am Dutch. I live in a small town in the Netherlands. Because of the time difference I won't be able to participate in live chats about the show. But in the end, it's all about losing weight ourselves. I hope to lose about 15 lbs. (p.s. English isn't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes)
  • JMarcella57
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    Welkom Jasmijn and welcome Leonie.
    My name is Marcella. I am 58 years old, married, mother of 2 young adult sons. I started MFP about a year ago and have lost 32 pounds so far. I am 29 pounds from my goal. I plan to lose 15 to 20 pounds during this competition, depending on the number of weeks for Season 17 Biggest Loser. This is my first MFP Biggest Loser Challenge.
  • ashleyduke047
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    Hey guys! My name is Ashley. Going to be 31 in a few days. Been using MFP for 4 months and down 22 pounds. Trying to lose at least 20 during this challenge. Glad to be on a team with you all! :smiley:
  • Scherzie
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    Hello everyone, Jarnine here, super excited to get this challenge started. Will try to get in on the live chats but usually have to record and watch on the weekends as I am usually in bed fairly early as I do all of my exercising early morning before work. Hoping to get my portions back under control and need to lose another 25 to get to my goal. ... Let's do this!
  • meganfoster12
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    Hey everyone welcome to the team!! I am Megan I am 21; i live in Canada where it is winter now and - weather now which sucks! I m also the team leader so I am here to support each and everyone of you along the journey! My goal is to lose 25 lbs during this challenge
  • JMarcella57
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    Hi Megan. I live just northwest of Atlanta, GA down here in the U.S. It finally got cold a couple of days ago. Happy to say, no snow. :) Thank you for agreeing to be our team leader.
  • SweeteeBri
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    Good luck Meganfoster12 and Red Hots!!
  • dillyg08
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    I am not on the original list as I was added later on. My name is Beverley. I have tried so many times to loose weight and I found out recently that I am going in the opposite the direction. I'm ready to make some healthy choices and hopefully get to my healthy weight range. Good Luck to you all in getting RED HOT!!
  • JasmijnRF
    JasmijnRF Posts: 184 Member
    Hi Beverley, welcome. We're gonna kick *kitten*!
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