Infertility + Friendship!!

Hey everyone!! I'm new to this group and looking to befriend more people who are currently experiencing infertility. I would love to feel less alone on this (lets be real) challenging journey. =) So please feel free to add me!!


  • aSearch4Me
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    I also would love to have more friends that are battling fertility issueswith PCOS! I agree, it is an incredibly challenging, frustrating, emotional journey.

    My story: my husband I had been "not preventing & not stressing" for nearly 4 years, because we wanted a spontaneous, "surprise you're pregnant" moment...which was a moment that never came. About 8 months ago I started seeing a specialist to try to figure out what was going on, and was diagnosed with PCOS with insulin resistance. I'm on a weight-reduction plan right now (Low-carb, high fat, moderate protein, no grains, extremely limited dairy, flexing between 1500-1800 calories a day) and have lost almost 50 pounds since June. I take Metformin & Inositol currently, and if still no pregnancies by April, I will be started on either Femara or Clomid at that point (which I'm nervous about...).
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    Feel free to check out previous posts - there are a lot of ladies looking for friends. Personally, I'm done with kids, as I finally had one...but suffered a decade of secondary infertility, which is just as exhausting emotionally... Feel free to add me (and that goes for anyone here) - please just include a note with PCOS or something similar...
  • Thanks everyone for your responses and suggestions =)
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    Been there, done this, and it is truly a challenging journey. I too suffer from PCOS and insulin resistance (which has since evolved into type 2 diabetes) as well as hypothyroidism, a horrible combination when you are trying to conceive. Spent 9 years trying to become a mom. Couldn't get my cycle regular to save my life! Four failures (a loss at 36 weeks, 2 ectopics, and a miscarriage) and I just couldn't do it anymore, so we turned to domestic adoption. Was not a quick or easy process but after 18 months we became parents of a beautiful six-month-old baby girl. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for us and we just have to be patient while it reveals itself (easier said than done when you're in the thick of it I know!). God knew that our daughter needed special parents and he chose us. Our losses were His way of saying "don't give up, something wonderful is coming". She is now 13, and the love of our lives! We forget that she's adopted because she is so much like us. Many people tell us we look alike, which we find hysterical!

    Much luck to you on your journey. Remember, God makes families in many different ways, and each family's journey is different! Feel free to add me as a friend. I am always willing to support those enduring this struggle and I can honestly say "I know what you're feeling" and mean it!
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    I'm currently dealing with secondary infertility and would love to be friends! I have an almost 4 year old and have been trying to conceive for a little over two years. I did two failed rounds of clomid and am starting my second round of femara today! I've recently been trying to lose weight, as well, and am hoping that will jump start my ovaries and get things going! Feel free to friend me! What's your story?
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    My story's in the sticky topic regarding conceiving. Feel free to add me. We are one and done but I had an incredibly positive experience (not fun, but still positive) and can offer all sorts of support. My little Muppet is now nearly 4 and completely obsessed with Star Wars.
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    Hi all feel free to add me. Im also with you all on this painful journey. x