Newbie to UP3 and group - have a question!!

Hiya, I'm stuck on something on the Up3 app and wondered if anyone could help?

Is there a way to log water that you've drunk - I've searched "water" and plain old tap water just doesn't appear on the database and isn't something you can exactly scan in......

Also: re scanned foods, is it at all possible to CHANGE the serving sizes??? I've just scanned the barcode for a a 70% cocoa Green & Black chocolate bar, having had 2 pieces; however the serving size on the database is presumably for the entire bar so it's telling me I've had 535 calories!!!!!! :open_mouth: I can't see any way to change the serving size you've had?

Would be grateful for any advice :)


  • zeroone614
    zeroone614 Posts: 13 Member
    I wouldn't really pay attention to the food database in the Jawbone app. You change meal sizes by kind of dragging your finger up/down, if I remember correctly. Regarding the water question, I can't help.
  • blossomingbutterfly
    I wouldn't log food in the Jawbone app - it would be a lot easier to use the MFP app barcode scanner and water counting. MFP and Jawbone will sync together so you'll have it in Jawbone after.
  • Sapphire_Elf
    Sapphire_Elf Posts: 76 Member
    OK, thanks guys. Finding the UP difficult to use in terms of calorie counting etc, it just doesn't seem to work very well. The Fitbit I had is much better for that but they look flippin horrible!!!!