Fitbit Charge HR - workout log question

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I just got my fitbit last night, so I'm very new and trying to figure this all out.

This time of year, my main "exercise" is snowshoeing. My current understanding is that I should press the button before I start, then press the button when I'm done, and then I will need to come in and log that activity manually. Do I log that on MFP or on fitbit?

Can someone explain the benefit of logging this as a workout (with the button + enter manually) rather than just letting fitbit give an estimate of calories burned based on steps and heart rate?

I really appreciate any input or guidance here! Thank you in advance!


  • NancyN795
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    I'd recommend that you read the FAQ found in the stickies. That will answer a lot of questions. Here's a handy link:

    For your specific question, I don't actually know, because I don't know much about snowshoeing. (I do know that the one thing you shouldn't do is log it in MFP.) If it raises your heart rate and keeps it relatively steady - like walking or running - then the heart rate calorie burn formula that Fitbit uses will probably do a fine job, no manual logging actually necessary. You don't even have to push the button, but you can. Experiment with different ways of logging it:
    1. push the button then reclassify it in Fitbit as snowshoeing
    2. don't push the button, let Fitbit auto-detect the exercise and then reclassify it as showshoeing
    3. let Fitbit auto-detect but don't bother reclassifying it as snowshoeing
    4. use the track exercise function in the Fitbit app on your phone to map it (but I think you'll have to choose either walk, run or hike for that) or
    5. note the start time and duration and then manually log it in Fitbit.
    Then, decide what works for you.

    If you want a notation in your MFP feed that you exercised, then make a manual entry because individual exercise is not sent from Fitbit to MFP, just your steps and total calories burned.