Hot Tamales CHAT (2/15-2/21) - Wk #7

Week #7 - We're so close to the finale. share about your thoughts regarding the show. What did you like, didn't like, learned, who did you relate to etc.

Commercial Challenge: Every other commercial, run around doing chores around the house. Every other commercial, perform lunges throughout the house or wall lunges if needed.


  • RaeBeeBaby
    RaeBeeBaby Posts: 4,245 Member
    I thought it was a good show. I liked the rope climb over the water challenge. That was fun. I also always like the challenge where they have to run with all their weight added back on. The "cliffhanger" at the end was unexpected! So, we don't know until the finale next week who the 3rd finalist will be! I'm rooting for Colby. With Stephen already a finalist, if Jacky makes it, too, then they'll have a 2/3 chance of winning the money. I KNOW that's fair because they both made it this far, but it doesn't seem quite fair (for some reason). I'd sure like to see Stephen and Jacky's daughter lose some weight by the finale. I feel so sorry for her and I do agree it's mostly their fault. Children eat what their parents put in front of them. Very sad.

    I have to laugh at the shameless sponsor plugs for Jennie-O turkey products and (new this season) the Sleep Number bed. Let's talk about how sleep affects your weight, and oh by the way, how are you all sleeping on the lovely Sleep Number beds? I am going to enter the drawing for the free bed. Why not? Somebody's got to win!

    With doubling up on the episodes, this season sure has gone fast! I'm excited to see everyone at the finale. I always really enjoy the live show.

    I was only able to do half the commercial challenge. I've got acute bronchitis so not really able to do any exercise for the last couple of days. Anything I do triggers a coughing fit that won't quit. I did, however, manage to do dishes and laundry during the commercials this time. If I feel better tomorrow I'll do some lunges to make up for the ones I missed during the show.
  • digger61
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    Got the challenge in. I hope Colby makes it I really liked the speech about getting fit to play with your kids and the importance of being a roll model. Next week is the final and I am looking forward to it
  • atrosper
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    Challenge complete. I'm not surprised that on the first challenge that she gave the one pound disadvantage to one of the bigger boys. They were expecting it as well, and they worked out harder to compensate for it. I honestly didn't think that Felicia made it this far, especially since she didn't have as much to lose as most of the other contestants. I, like everyone else, was surprised on the cliffhanger at the end of the show. I am kind of rooting for Stephen and Jacky, only because they are the last two "couples" left from the beginning of the season. I know that by having both of them there for so long is going to help them to help their daughter. I'm hoping that whoever does win won't let the money get to their heads and allow them to get back to, or surpass, their starting weights at the beginning of the challenge.
  • lexiss91
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    I have to say I really enjoyed the show this week! There was no way I could've done the climbing challenge, I have no upper body strength whatsoever. I was disappointed with Erin and her strategy with the 1 pound disadvantage. She should've been way smarter and gave it to Jacky or Felicia or maybe even used it on herself. It was no surprise that she was eliminated after that stupid decision.

    I'm anxious to see who will be in the final 3 but I hope that Jacky makes it. She seems really the most genuine and the most deserving in my opinion.