Season 6, Episode 9: No Way Out (SPOILERS)

SO... The mid season premiere was on last night. Thoughts/discussion anyone?


  • AmyRhubarb
    AmyRhubarb Posts: 6,890 Member
    I thought it was great! Heartpounding moments, the gang's all together again (FINALLY!), and we got some of the old zombie-crushing-machine they can be together - always loved those eps back at the prison when they could clear out an area, standing together, back to back and just taking all the zoms out. And so glad to see the Alexandrians stepping up as well.
  • cb2bslim
    cb2bslim Posts: 153 Member
    I finally got to watch it last night. I loved every second of this episode. It was nice to have things play out the way I wanted them to but seriously, Glen has to stop making me sh!# my pants. lol Michonne has adopted a family 4ever. I was surprised at the rocket launcher and enjoyed it a little too much. Makes me love my TWD characters more if that is even possible. This episode had it all!
  • tiffanylacourse
    tiffanylacourse Posts: 2,984 Member
    I loved it too - one of the best episodes yet!