guinevere96 Posts: 1,445 Member
I attempted to see if there was already a thread for this but I didn't see any. Who do you guys watch on twitch (if anyone)? I love watching Day9, and sometimes I watch Philip Defranco, just because I already watch his news show and think hes pretty entertaining.


  • rgbmore
    rgbmore Posts: 85 Member
    Yogscast! Also, is twitch what they use for Awesome Games Done Quick? If so, I watch both sessions every year, those are so fun. Haven't tried anything else yet.
  • hyIianprincess
    hyIianprincess Posts: 302 Member
    I look forward to AGDQ and SGDQ every year. I love speed runs. Used to watch Cosmo. Now I mainly watch Bro Team Pill. MajinPhil, Geoff, Cirno, etc.
  • toshibella
    toshibella Posts: 17 Member
    I enjoy Day9 also, awesome music on his channel. I mostly watch NickMercs, ImMarksman, DansGaming, WarwitchTV, and SirQuestinghood.
  • thehexenbiest
    thehexenbiest Posts: 114 Member
    The only one I watch regularly on Youtube and Twitch is Gronkh, a German player. I keep meaning to branch out and check US / international players but they always seem so loud and hyper. I need to have a proper look around one day.
  • rowlandsw
    rowlandsw Posts: 1,166 Member
    Occasionally I watch Ray who used to work at Rooster Teeth. I used to watch Daz black but haven't in a good while.