Can you remember the last game you actually finished?

dandur Posts: 266 Member
Far Cry 3 on PS3...even though I'm an avid PC gamer. Other than that, I haven't finished a damn thing. Have tried many games...but nothing seems to hold my interest anymore. So. What's on your finished list?


  • rowlandsw
    rowlandsw Posts: 1,166 Member
    Believe it or not I have a journal that i record this stuff in that way i can track it since my collection is so big, plus i record difficulty and trophies. It was the main PvE portion of Destiny Taken king and Trails of Cold Steel on the ps3, which i have about 4 more completions to do before i get the final trophy.
  • TheCrawlingChaos
    TheCrawlingChaos Posts: 462 Member
    I don't really put emphasis on finishing games. If I don't like the game, or get to a point where I'm no longer having fun, I stop. So I have a lot of unfinished games. But very recently I finished Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC. Even got 100%.
  • mangrothian
    mangrothian Posts: 1,351 Member
    Most of the games I play don't have a finish point - Path of Exile, Ark, minecraft, Civ and city builder games don't really have an ending. Path of exile has multiple league seasons and at least one expansion each year to keep me interested, Ark always has new content and modpacks coming out, and well, minecraft is minecraft.

    I get wicked motion sickness from most fps style games that do actually have a finish point, so beyond forcing myself to finish the original Halo, I probably never have actually 'finished' a game.
  • hyIianprincess
    hyIianprincess Posts: 302 Member
    I recently replayed Bomberman Hero. The games I've played lately don't have a finish point ex: Stardew Valley, Gmod, PoE, etc. I've beat Undertale and Bomberman Hero this year and that's about it lol
  • myheartsabattleground
    myheartsabattleground Posts: 2,040 Member
    KH2. That was a long time ago.
  • guinevere96
    guinevere96 Posts: 1,457 Member
    I just reached a "final" cutscene in stardew valley but as mentioned, thats one of those games without a clear ending lol.
  • rowlandsw
    rowlandsw Posts: 1,166 Member
    Fallout 4 would be one too but it doesn't really end either.
  • rastyk
    rastyk Posts: 3 Member
    hi folks! I just finished Firewatch a few nights ago. Great game, only 3-4 hours though.
  • jamielikesyou
    jamielikesyou Posts: 26 Member
    Mass Effect 3, the rest languish in various states of completeness. I very rarely 100% achievments either.
  • yusaku02
    yusaku02 Posts: 3,478 Member
    HL2 Ep2

    I played through about 90% of it like 6-7 years ago and recently went back and started it over. Short game so it didn't take long. Left me yearning for HL3 though... :'(
  • DeviatedNorm
    DeviatedNorm Posts: 422 Member
    Witcher 3 or GTAV.

    I keep hoping Fallout 4 might join their ranks, but it's looking less and less likely.
  • thehexenbiest
    thehexenbiest Posts: 114 Member
    I finished The Witcher 3 and OMG hello, withdrawal. Luckily, there are still the add-ons but I wanna finish other games first.
  • megzchica23
    megzchica23 Posts: 419 Member
    I finished The Witcher 3 and OMG hello, withdrawal. Luckily, there are still the add-ons but I wanna finish other games first.

    I want to play that so bad.
  • JoeyTajzai
    JoeyTajzai Posts: 1,198 Member
    I just finished Emily Wants to Play. It was short game obviously. Before that I finished I think it was The Evil Within and Outlast. I like my horror games. lol.
  • _HunterKiller_
    _HunterKiller_ Posts: 545 Member
    Until Dawn on PS4
  • worstcaster
    worstcaster Posts: 217 Member
    Just finished Tales from the Borderlands on steam. Also recently beat The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.
  • zombiesama
    zombiesama Posts: 755 Member
  • Afura
    Afura Posts: 2,054 Member
    FFVIII? :lol: I play PC games primarily, they have no ending.
  • cwhite9570
    cwhite9570 Posts: 5 Member
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    Kingdom Hearts 1.5.
  • rowlandsw
    rowlandsw Posts: 1,166 Member
    Actually just finished the main story in fallout 4 with the Institute "ending" and working on the railroad one now. Then it's off to Far Harbor and figuring out what trophies i still need to finish it up.