2 months pp

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well here I am, Benjamin turned 2 months Wednesday. I just started logging my calories a week ago, stopped binge eating 9 days ago, and started working out Monday. I have a LOT to lose!!!! My actual goal weight would be 130 I guess for now, once I hit that weight, which is far far away, ill work more on getting ripped :) id love to have the ripped body that I see on other girls here, its achievable if I just DO it and stop saying I will


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    Our LO is Benjamin too. :). He is 2 weeks old. Good luck to you! I have struggled with binge eating in the past- good for you for stopping!
  • My Hailey will be 2 months on Saturday... I have gained and lost a lot of weight between my two kids and it def is a struggle. I get very upset at times, but I also feel sometimes I am hard on myself. my body has given me two beautiful children, I cant expect to be back in my size 6 jeans 2 months postpartum (would be nice)
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    I have a Benjamin also! Mine's 5 months. Good luck to you! :)
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    Be strong, mama!

    Every week that you exercise and eat well is putting you closer to your goal and making you healthier overall!
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    My little guy turned six weeks old this past Thursday. I've been logging every day for a month and have lost almost 10 lbs. I, too, have a ways to go to pre-pregnancy weight and then a fair amount to UGW (135, though I'll take a higher weight for more muscle mass that looks great). I keep having to tell myself to have patience, slow and steady wins the race, but it's hard because obviously I can't wear maternity clothes, but even my old "fat clothes" don't fit yet :(

    I find that if I log one day honestly, I'm much more likely to log the next day so as not to ruin yesterday's work. After that, it's the snowball effect.

    Best wishes!