What's Your Food Plan

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Hi, I am pretty new to the group and are loving you guys. I am feeling right at home here. I know we are all different and everyone has their own food plan that works for you, but thought it would be fun sharing what everyone is doing to lose weight and get healthy.


  • LCSt68
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    Hi, nice to meet you. Well... small steps, not getting discouraged or giving up... portion control above all... gradually eating more healthy... gradually moving more. There's no real strict food plan I'm going to follow long term. Just eating healthier things and smaller portions. I have to keep this up for the rest of my life so I need to make it doable.
  • RunawayCurves
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    I change my plan quite often depending how I am feeling and what I can manage to stick to. I also fall off my plans quite often then change things up again to get back on a healthier eating plan. For me weight loss wise very low carb works best. At the moment I am recovering from a bad IBS flare up resulting from junk food binges when depressed. So for now I am just focused on things my guts can cope with digesting. I think the best plan is to pay attention to your body and stick to things that you know make you feel most well. The simplest healthy food plan is probably just to stick to real foods as much as possible and avoid processed stuff for the most part at least. Eating lots of veg and including some raw salad works well for me. If I eat high carb foods on their own I notice my appetite increases but if limit high carb food portions and always eat some raw veg with it that seems to keep my appetite in check better.
  • jesscoll317
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    I'm kinda a picky eater, and I also don't want to make a different meal for myself than the rest of my family. So I'm just sticking to calorie counting and eating anything I want as long as I stay in budget. Right now my daily budget is 1600 calories.

    I've decreased my calorie budget as I've lost weight in order to have a 7000 deficit each week -- which should (but doesn't always) result in a 2 lb per week loss. I'm happy with the results so far because this strategy seems sustainable. I know if I eliminated carbs or sugar completely, I'd just give up because I love bread and cake and pasta and potatoes and...

  • Tata0716
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    Just out of preference I've been eating low carb with lots of veggies and protein. I do treat myself to what I'd like to eat at times but making sure I stay within my calories.
  • audrey13027
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    I basically try to stay at/around my calorie budget, which is ~1350-1400 calories/day. I weigh everything (I'm a bit obsessive so this is actually somewhat enjoyable for me!), I eat more fruit and veg, drink more water and I've reduced my use of white sugar & my consumption of sodas. I *try* to avoid foods that greatly increase my urge to overeat/binge (specifically ice cream &/or cakes) & I limit certain foods like rice & pasta to 1 or 2x's a month--and then I eat the actual portion size listed on the package! When I'm craving something sweet, I eat a chocolate-peanut butter protein bar...or I'll have a roasted sweet potato w/cinnamon & a 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar.
    I guess my "plan" is to avoid the things that I have trouble controlling how much of them I eat, stay within a certain calorie range & drink more water! :-)
  • Madelinec117
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    Welcome to the group. I usually try to eat more protein than carbs as it keeps my hormones happier. Other than that I try to get plenty of veggies. Right now I am trying to make up for 2 bad weeks around Easter, but it's getting there. If I can manage to resist buying trigger foods, it helps me a lot so a big challenge is to get out of the grocery store without buying any of those items.
  • Pepperh3ad
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    Welcome! I try to keep my intake between 1200 and 1500 calories a day (though my upper limit is 1800). No more than 45 grams of carbs per meal, and I try to get most of them from vegetables (broccoli is the best vegetable around). Other carbs come from whole grains only. I try to keep things split to 30% carbs, 30% fats, and 40% proteins.

    I hardly ever drink any calories now; water, once in a while something sweetened with sucralose, tea, coffee, and A beer once in a while.

  • SarahsFitMess
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    I personally and that making changes in my diet not because I wanted to cut back on carbs or wanted to cut back on anything crazy I just didn't want to spend my calories on those sort of things. I stay within 1500 calories a day.
    I need a very protein heavy breakfast usually eggs and beans and then feel a lot of my day with a lot of vegetables and fruits because they're low calorie and very filling but mostly I eat whatever I like with proper portions. I have reduced my my alcohol consumption but if I plan accordingly I will have a beer here and there