My fitbit Charge won't hold a charge -- anyone else? Did you get a replacement, or just give up?

7elizamae Posts: 758 Member
I was very happy with my Charge until three days ago. It was so motivating!

But now, the battery no longer holds a charge for more than about 8 hours. I have followed all the suggestions on the website -- I use the correct charging device, I cleaned my fitbit, I reset it several times. It still quits on me by about 3:00 each afternoon.

It used to go 4 - 5 days on one charge.

That was a lot of money to spend for something that worked properly for only one month.

My question: how many of you have this issue? Did fitbit replace your Charge? Have you had problems with your new device? Should I just return it? I don't want to deal with the hassle of returning it if the new one will also be defective.


  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    I've had that issue with my Surge. Contacted customer service and they remotely could see there was a problem somehow by looking through my account, so they sent a replacement.
  • 7elizamae
    7elizamae Posts: 758 Member
    Thanks! That'll be my next step. I really liked it and would like to continue using it, but feel kind of ripped off at the moment.
  • annaylight
    annaylight Posts: 1 Member
    I have had to replace two of my Fitbit devices because they stopped holding a charge. I bought mine at Best Buy and had the extra warranty so it was easy to exchange it for free. Fitbit will help you if it is still under their 1 year coverage. Their customer service is very good.
  • editorgrrl
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    Step 1: Contact Fitbit customer service. If your tracker is defective, they will replace it.

    Step 2: Reset your tracker:
  • lc355
    lc355 Posts: 91 Member
    I had a different problem and emailed fitbit about it and they sent me a new one :)