Day 19 Happy Father's Day!

theparnellslisa Posts: 417 Member
Today's challenge is to enjoy Father's Day with your families!! Earn $500 by telling us what you did today, earn an additional $500 if you extended yourself to make the day special for someone else and tell us about it!! Happy Father's Day, Sean and I hope your day is special!!:)


  • tialynn1
    tialynn1 Posts: 951 Member
    All of my male influences on my life are deceased now. So, I spent it trying to be healthy by taking a beautiful 6 mile walk along the river to the city. Then I went to the cemetery and spent time at my dad's grave. Even after 37 years, I still miss him a lot.
  • GrandmaJackie
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    We went to my daughters to celabrate Father's Day plus my grandson graduating kindergarten!
  • aseymour13
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    My father has been gone since 1995 and my father in law passed away 6 years ago. Was able to spend it with my brother and his girlfriend in San Jose. My nephew came up and surprised him for Fathers day which was very cool. And on Father's day we made dinner for my husband's 91 year old Uncle, his wife and daughter. He is one amazing man. All and all - a pretty cool weekend.