Week one challenges



  • Meowler
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    @lja860813 Don't worry, it's good to have you on the forum. The water challenge is tricky and for a lot of people it is a lot more than their regular intake. There will be different challenges each week and some people may struggle with these for personal reasons - it's fine! Just do what you can. :)

    @Mrscanmore Well done completing the water challenge and Zumba!

    @iheartcookies2 No problem! FitnessBlender release a lot of work out content so I recommend you tailor it to what works for you. Living in an apartment I've had to opt for low intensity workouts for reduced noise.

    It was the same for me yesterday. Feel guilty for logging a lot less than usual but had to focus on cleaning amongst other things.
  • iheartcookies2
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    My day today can be best described with this song. :D
    However I logged all the crap I ate and I worked out a lot, so it still wasn't a complete disaster. But hey, tomorrow is a new day. :)
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    Just want to remind everyone that the spreadsheet for this week (thru Sunday) will be locked at 10am Monday morning (Pacific Time). If you have anything else to add to our totals, do it before then, or contact somebody to do it for you. I'm willing if you need me. Otherwise we'll lose those points.