Finding Athletic Friends

sportygal Posts: 221 Member
I've never been much of a girly girl and most of my friends over the years have been guys, or tomboys like me. Now, living in a new state, I really don't have any gal pals that are interested in similar athletic aspirations. It's rough when you are a beast in the gym, and no one understands, much less other women.
Since I haven't been working, due to vacation, I've been able to hit the gym at earlier times and finally saw a familiar gal face, one of the few women I've sparred in the past. We chatted, and I told her that she is one of the few gals I know that is tough, and told her I've found it hard to find women to train with. So we exchange numbers and finally I might have someone to train with.
I'm a no nonsense type of person in the gym, and am not concerned with what I look like. I am concerned with performance and strength, which most women could care less about. I'm an athlete, even with my weight issues and back injury. I hate magazines that make it all about looks and the tougher you are, the more in common I have with you.
I know there are others like me, lurking out there, just in the same boat that I am. Speak up if you are, and be proud to be a tough woman interested in strength, sport and power, and not focused on looks and skinny'ness.
I think so many women are afraid to be strong. Why? I ask? I laugh when most women think they will look like some gorilla if they lift heavy. <
even though this gal doesn't have perfect form...proves that she is not some gorilla but she can deadlift a bunch!
Anyway, I hope to find more gals out there that have the same views of fitness. If not, I'll keep being one of the guys! :)