Looking at mega calorie burn

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Tomorrow we are going kayaking. It will be hot, that's for sure and the river water may be cool but my goal is to stay in the Kayak!!! Will be on the river probably 6 hours or so with pretty constant paddling. I'll let you know how it goes. My steps may be low but my arms will make up for it!


  • fang19423
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    Sounds fabulous LucyVan. Enjoy.
  • LucyVan
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    Well this was quite the experience. We headed out on the river and, being a novice kayaker, it was overwhelming at the beginning. We hit shallow water and rocks immediately which took every ounce of muscle I had to get out of it. I was so upset! I almost just pulled my kayak out and quit. The group I was with kept me going though and after one other "rapid" area it was smooth paddling.

    The run was three miles so the calorie burn was pretty good. We were doing a hobby known as Geocaching (see geocaching.com), thus it was pretty stop and go at times with long paddling stretches in between. I figured that for the three hours we were actually on the river (I thought it would be more when I posted earlier) we actually paddled about 1.5 hours. Good calorie burn though.

    Oh, and I did meet my goal! I stayed in my kayak!!
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    That sounds like a lot of fun! Great job!