Exercise App/Video Reviews

Please post your exercise app/video reviews here. Please include a link/url when possible.

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  • missability
    missability Posts: 223
    A while back I got caught in a downpour with my 3 yr old grand-daughter...It was then I discovered I could run if I had to....I eventually started looking for a quick work-out video that incorporated a little jogging, or running in place....I found this 8 minute work-out that I have really been enjoying...by the time you are 1/4 way into it your heart is pumping pretty good...it's quick, and I find it easier to "get into", then jumping on my elliptical before I leave for the gym, or when I first get up in the morning....In fact I start with the NMCP morning stretches, then this video, then the cool down breathing....ummmm I think we r supposed to be doing that in the evening....but I do it in the AM if I am doing this video.....and the big bonus is that she isn't annoying like some of them....at least in my opinion...:)...the other thing is she actually is breathing heavy pretty early on....that may annoy some, but I hate when I see these videos and the person is talking through-out the whole thing and not even panting a tiny bit!!! I mean what are these people? ROBOTS!!!???

    Anywho here is the 8 minute work-out video:)

  • karendee4
    karendee4 Posts: 558 Member
    Another App I just found.

    It is called Healthy Out. It searches for healthy dining options near your location.



    It says you can have food delivered but I plan to just search for healthy meals.
  • PrajnaFaux
    PrajnaFaux Posts: 45
    The only app I use is the Nike + on my iPod Nano. It has two pedometer settings: One for running, and one for walking. I have found it to be pretty accurate as far as calculating my distance and calories burned. I put in my weight and height and it uses that to calculate calories. It's pretty basic, just a Start and Stop button - no Pause. Which is a little bit of a pain. The first time I used it was for a 5K and when I bent over to tie my shoe I somehow pressed a button in my pocket and it stopped the workout and I had to start it over. For a normal workout that would be okay, but I had it on the distance setting (a voice tells you how far you've gone) and it was off after that. Plus, I didn't know what my time was. Just goes to show that you shouldn't use anything new on race day! Now that I know how to use it better, I like it a lot.
  • ImprovingEla
    ImprovingEla Posts: 396 Member
    I use the c25k app from zen labs!
    I know many use them and are successful and so was I... on the treadmill!
    Now it was time for a change and I decided to face my fears head on and take running out on the street!

    To be honest I am happy that I did the program on the treadmill first, because now my mind knows that it works... somehow!
    Because I find running on the street a lot tougher than on a treadmill!

    In the free version the music sometimes gets stucked, and therefore I use my itunes for it!
    It is simple enough an app for me to handle and therefore I like it just fine!
  • naticksdonna
    naticksdonna Posts: 192 Member
    I use the Nike Training Club app on my iphone. It has workouts for getting lean (high interval cardio drills to slim down); getting toned (light weights and interval to add definition); getting strong (increased weights and reps to build strength); and getting focused (15 minute workouts to target specific areas). It keeps track of your workouts, charts your progress and you get rewards which I haven't checked out cuz I'm not into rewards - just want to do the workouts. Anyway, it's pretty cool.
  • dmdegrassi
    dmdegrassi Posts: 151
    Okay... my first app isn't really an exercise app, but it is ABSOLUTELY necessary for me when I exercise. I love my Pandora radio app. I usually listen to the Classic Rock Workout mix, but have tried many of the other stations as well.

    Obviously my MFP app on my phone is one I used all the time. I like some of the improvements on the later update, but still wish for a few more. I like the new multi-item add feature. I really wish that when I get a notification that someone has responded to one of my posts that it would go directly to THAT post and not just to my profile.

    I love my Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies videos. I like the fact that the people on the videos aren't pencil thin. I also like that they are real people who are trying to lose weight and not actors or fitness gurus. Richard Simmons is just quirky enough to make me laugh...although it's usually AT him. I love oldies music and the movements are not overly confusing and usually easy to follow along!
  • SavvyGurl0528
    SavvyGurl0528 Posts: 228 Member
    I use a lot of apps for fitness, but the most recent one I started using is Jefit. Jefit is also a website (kinda like MFP) but it has a place where you can build workout routines or choose the body part you want to exercise and it will suggest several routines for you to use. I have set up New Rules of Lifting for Women in Jefit. If you set up the reps and the rests, then start it when you begin your routine, it will time the rests for you. Makes things so easy! Anyway, I recommend it to anyone working out.
  • karendee4
    karendee4 Posts: 558 Member
    Exercise App review.

    I only use a few exercise ones. One is my motoactiv, myfitness pal and endomondo.

    I also like my chipotle nutrition app. I can select my burrito bowl ingredients and know how many calories I am getting for each topping. It was on my old windows phone and now I have it on android.
  • dmdegrassi
    dmdegrassi Posts: 151
    My review is more of a fitness website review: http://www.shapesense.com/fitness-exercise/calculators/heart-rate-based-calorie-burn-calculator.aspx

    I used the shapesense website to calculate my calories burned incorporating my average heart rate. The site explained calories and oxygen volume and offered multiple calculators for different health related statistics. I have saved this one to my favorites! I definitely liked basing the calories on my heart rate as opposed to the activity!
  • SavvyGurl0528
    SavvyGurl0528 Posts: 228 Member
    I am going to review JEFIT. I use Jefit for my weight lifting routine (NROL4W). I spent some time setting it up (on the internet) and then synced my phone with it. It shows which lift I will be doing along with an animated picture of how it is performed, how many reps and how many sets are to be done, and even a rest timer between sets. I really like using it and think it saves a lot of time while doing my lifting routine.